Rascal fats

Big, fat boar raccoon:

Natural History

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Iditarod 2016 Ceremonial Start

I wish I had known this earlier, I would have given you advance warning. For the first time, the Iditarod ceremonial start is being live-streamed FOR FREE at Iditarod.com. Take a few minutes and check out these powerful working dogs and their handlers. The last racer is scheduled to take off at 1:04 pm Alaskan […]

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Two lovers in the night

I finally got that coyote pair together on the trail camera. The bad news is that bitch has a bad injury to one of her front feet, perhaps the result of a trap injury. The good news is her mate is a big playful rascal, who is giving me the best coyote footage I’ve been able to get.

Here are the two videos:

I love coyotes, but they are the hardest animals to catch on trail camera. I knew they had been messing with the deer hide and skull that I’ve left out there all winter, so I set up the camera and waited.

The Moultrie 1100i camera doesn’t alert the coyotes at all.

If you want to get coyotes on a trail camera, you need to get one that makes very little noise and doesn’t have flashing lights.  Most of the models that you can buy for taking photos of white-tailed deer– which really aren’t that cautious by comparison– will not work for coyotes.

Coyotes live by always being afraid, so I’m really amazed to get this footage of a pair of coyotes relaxing and being dogs.

Yes. They are so doggy.  These videos prove it.

I really hope the bitch is able to adjust to her disability, but the wild is not a friendly place. It actually makes me wince to watch her scooting along on three legs.

Poor old girl.


Natural History

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The vicious in-fighting inside the royal family

The Poodle (and Dog) Blog

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Puppy fix

Monday morning puppy fix!

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Did doctors cross a line to help Asha?

Did doctors cross a line to help Asha?
A rent-a-crowd of greenies, refugees and bleeding hearts railed against the heartless and held up photographs of refugee babies outside the hospital. But it also gave parents, usually not engaged with the refugee debate, pause to reflect, asking
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Junge: “Root out them liberals”
Recently, in a big box store parking lot in the Capital City, I ran into an acquaintance I had met in my travels around this Republic of ours. It was Clem Foghorn. The newspaper said he had been elected to the Legislature. Since it was what I would
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Gaur in the backyard

Gaur are the largest of all cattle species, but in some parts of India, they are as common in backyards as white-tailed deer are here.

These animals are sometimes called “Indian bison,” but they are actually more closely related to domestic cattle.

Living with large wild bovines can be a hazard. I think that’s why the aurochs was made extinct in Europe, and the European bison was reduced to just a few relict populations. It’s also why American bison don’t roam like they once did.




Natural History

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Feb 8, Breed Specific Dog Food | Best Dog Food Guide

Breed specific dog food a marketing gimmick or do dog food companies have solid reasons to manufacture these canine menus?
Dog Food Blog | Best Dog Food Guide

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Latest Greenies Chicken News

Dog becomes a social media star after owner captures moment she was denied burger
Dogs may not be able to tell their owners how they are feeling, but one Siberian husky relied on her facial expressions to reveal the shock and betrayal she felt after her owner finished his burger – without giving her the last bite. Julio Savala Lopez
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Julie Bishop: Paris climate treaty must balance environment and economy
A historic global climate accord forged in Paris has been received with widespread relief in Australia. But questions have already been raised by Labor, the Greens and environmental groups about whether Australia can reach what Foreign Minister Julie …
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Oh Hey, Classic Hollywood

1. Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, 28th annual Academy Awards (by Allan Grant)  //  2. Elizabeth Taylor (by Hulton Archive)  //  3. Brigitte Bardot in London (by Express)  //  4. Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner (by Michael Ochs Archives) //  5. Fred Astaire (by Sasha) //  6. Katharine Hepburn (by Hulton Archive)  //  7. Hedy Lamar (by Alfred Eisenstaedt) //  8. Marilyn Monroe (by Michael Ochs Archives) //  9. Fred Astaire (by Sasha)  //  10. Audrey Hepburn (by Allan Grant) //  11. Clark Gable (by Hulton Archive)  //  12. Grace Kelly (by Hulton Archive)  //  13. Ginger Rogers (by Hulton Archive) // 14. Claudette Colbert (by Hulton Archive) 

It’s Oscars week you guys! It’s Oscars week! Since I was a little girl, I’ve looked forward to the Academy Awards, which air this Sunday evening. I wanted to be an actress throughout my childhood, and into early adulthood as well – I even have a bachelors degree in acting. Most of my training was in stage theatre, but I had full on stars in my eyes for movies, and that was my ultimate dream. While I eventually turned my career aspirations toward design (it was actually a required costume design course for my degree that flipped the switch to clothing design for me), my love affair with film never died. There is little I love doing more than watching movies, and Oscar night is hands down my favorite night of the year to turn on the television.

When it comes to movies, I love everything from tiny indie films to action blockbusters. And although I am by no means a classic film buff (truth be told I’ve really only seen a handful of old movies, mostly the very famous ones), I have a fascination with classic hollywood that stems from my childhood dreams of one day becoming a glamorous movie star. I’m infinitely intrigued by learning more about the stories of the actors’ lives (which so often seemed to be filled with drama and heartache), and I absolutely love looking at photographs of them at their most dolled up. So in honor of Oscars week, I thought I’d share some of my all-time favorite shots of these iconic celebrities. Each of them can be found (and purchased!) on photos.com.

Who else is excited about the Oscars this weekend? Who is your favorite classic Hollywood star? (Forever an Audrey girl over here!)

This post is in collaboration with photos.com. Thank you for supporting the brands who help make Bubby and Bean possible. 


Bubby and Bean ::: Living Creatively

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