A West Coast Winter Bridal Shoot

A West Coast Winter Bridal Shoot (via Bubby and Bean)

It has now been four and a half years since I got married, and since that time, there have admittedly been very few wedding themed posts around here. That said, this is actually the second bridal shoot we’ve featured in the last month, but it is so absolutely gorgeous that when photographer Rebecca Carroll submitted it, I could’t resist publishing. I love mysterious, whimsical forest-themed photo shoots (as you can probably tell by looking through the ones I’ve showcased here on the blog over the years), and with the dark lighting and deep green colored moss contrasted against the bright white of the dress, this one had an especially magical quality to it. I’m excited to share some of my favorite shots with you guys today. (Can I also mention my envy over the fact that this is the photographer’s back yard?)

I asked Rebecca to tell me a little more about the inspiration and details behind the shoot. “Our theme was west coast winter,” she explained. “The giant trees and lush green. Of course we were hoping it would be cold enough for at least some frost but, in typical southern Vancouver island style it wasn’t quite cold enough. We shot this in my back yard which is in the works of becoming a ceremony venue – eventually it will be reception location too. Franziska (decor) and I planned this shoot out very quickly, and were instantly on the same page. She really pulled it off well with her style. We incorporated some local style and some of her Swiss touch with the faux fur and antlers. The bouquets and other flowers were immaculate – white and red roses nestled with dusty miller and local greenery. It really screamed winter wedding. The whole shoot felt like a mixture of Snow White (with her pale fairytale look) meets Viking queen (with the fur and silver goblets). The jewelry was made by a local designer in the style of twigs, which was a perfect fit for our aesthetic. And that dress! It featured a half lace half satin fit and flare style with a classic sheer top and sweetheart neckline.  So elegant.”

Photography: Rivkah Photography by Rebecca Carroll  //  Model: Aisling Goodman  //  Hair and Makeup: Beauty and Style by Erin Bradley  //  Design and Decor, Floral: Franziska Castioni at Charming Decor Event Design  //  Dress: Lis Simon at Tres Chic Boutique  // Venue: Cedar Haven Weddings

You can view more of Rebecca’s stunning work on her website, Facebook, and Instagram.


Bubby and Bean ::: Living Creatively

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286_Dogster_LogoHalo, Purely for Pets is so proud to be the founding sponsor of the PBS inspiring series Shelter Me.

In the “Hearts and Paws,” episode where filmmaker Steven Latham profiles an icon in the dog world, at least to those who enjoy the Sunday funnies: animal advocate Patrick McDonnell, creator of the MUTTS comic strip.

“I realized that Mooch and Earl have such great homes and loving guardians, and I thought about all the dog and cats who don’t and are just sitting in shelters waiting,” McDonnell said in the Shelter Me episode, debuting in May.

Click here to read the complete article.


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Country Day routs Newman in District 12-2A finale

Country Day routs Newman in District 12-2A finale
By halftime the Greenies had seven turnovers. To make matters worse for Newman, the Cajuns went 6-of-6 from the free-throw line off the forced turnovers. Country Day waltzed into the second quarter holding a 22-4 lead, thanks to a bunch of 3-pointers
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Prep soccer roundup: Newman boys and girls, Country Day girls collect wins
Country Day sophomore Price Petagna scored in the 50th minute in the second half. “I thought the boys took their foot off the gas a little,” Jacques said about the Greenies' scoreless second half. “We were sloppy with the pass, but we hung in there and
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Newman cruises by Westminster to advance to semi-finals
The Isidore Newman School boys' soccer team dominated Westminster Christian Academy with a 4-1 final score on Tuesday, ending the Crusaders' seven-game win streak and advancing to the next round of the Division IV playoffs. The Greenies looked solid …
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After the party

The parade is over, confetti and streamers litter the ground – and just a touch of sun remains on this lovely Brittany Spaniel on his way home from the Lemon Festival in Menton. 

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Did you know raccoons can bark?

The first time I heard this sound in the dark, I had no idea what it was.

For those of you who don’t live where there are raccoons, I can tell you they are much more dog-like than you’d expect from animal that isn’t actually canid species. When you look into the eyes of a raccoon, it’s like looking into the eyes of a dog. This is a creature with a mind.

Probably the best way I can describe them to those who have never seen one in the flesh is they are kind of like a dog mixed with a primate and a bit of bear thrown in for good measure.

And when they are scared, they make lots of strange noises, including this alarm bark that sounds a bit extraterrestrial.





Natural History

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Escalation: Putin reportedly set to use Russian ground troops to back up Assad

Escalation: Putin reportedly set to use Russian ground troops to back up Assad
You tell me, military experts. Is this deployment happening out of necessity, because what's left of Assad's military is too weak to put a hurt on the rebels without help from his friends in Russia and Iran? Or is it happening for propaganda reasons
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99 Great Ways to Save
1. Free money! An individual development account, or IDA, allows low- to moderate-income earners to save money for a specific goal — such as a down payment on a house or starting a business — and get matching funds from nonprofit groups, corporations …
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'Mycroft Holmes' Has His Own Mystery to Solve
I read a lot of Sherlock Holmes fiction that is NOT written by Arthur Conan Doyle. I love canon, but I also enjoy reading contemporary writers who toss The World's Most Famous Detective into all sorts of new mysteries. I've even read stories that pit
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Hémy and Rosie

This is a photo I took about three years ago.   Hémy, a Havanese is on the left and Rosie, a Llasa Apso, is on the right.They live in Monaco. At the time I was looking after them for their owners and they had the best time playing with each other.

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Former Best in Show escorted from Madison Square Garden by security

The Poodle (and Dog) Blog

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Bad News for Malthusian Alarmists: Global Food Prices Down by 19 Per Cent

Bad News for Malthusian Alarmists: Global Food Prices Down by 19 Per Cent
Abundant food supplies are, of course, good news for the world in general (less starvation, more disposable income to spend on other things) but absolutely terrible news for greenies. One of their religion's main articles of faith is that “scarce
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2015 IN REVIEW: A look back at Winona veterans' stories
To kick off our year-end coverage, here's a look at some of the many stories we wrote in 2015 about veterans and those who support them, including Korean War soldiers' reflections, the work of the Legion Auxiliary and Riders, Winona's dedication of a
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Cancer Is Fun

That’s sarcasm, by the way. Cancer sucks, I hate cancer, cancer can go suck it.


When you have a dog, but especially when you have a dog who is a breed with a 50% occurrence of cancer in their lifetime, you learn to be vigilant. And by vigilant I mean you pick over your dog like a chimpanzee searching out ticks, and with good reason. So far, as you know, I’ve lost one dog to lymphoma, one to probable melanoma, and Brody’s had the following removed:

  • low grade melanoma on his lip (so far, so good)
  • medium grade mast cell tumor resulting in loss of ear

I’m a big fan of Sue Ettinger’s See Something Do Something initiative, and with good reason. Small masses are exponentially easier to deal with than large ones, for many reasons. It’s a gift to be able to catch things early.

So it was with a resigned trepidation that I noticed, buried in the vast recesses of Brody’s voluminous tail, yet another weird looking mass:

brody tail2

I don’t like masses. They make me scream like I’ve seen a spider over the bed.


We went and visited Highlands Ranch Animal Hospital to get it checked out yesterday, where Brody was his usual charming self. By the time we left he had the entire waiting area sitting on the floor petting him. Such a ham.

love is go

The great thing about aspirating little masses is that, while not totally diagnostic, can often give you a good feel for what you’re dealing with. In this case, no mast cells were noted. Why does this make me happy? Because he would probably have had to lose his tail and that would really really stink. The dog’s got to keep some of his parts, right?

The mass is coming off while it’s small enough to fully remove and still be able to close the skin over his tail. We are also going to send it in for pathology, which is essential for determining whether it’s something you need to follow up on. I’ll keep you posted.

I share all this in the hopes you too take a moment to go over your pet and check out the lumps and bumps while they’re teeny. It’s worth it! This is how we keep our pets around till they’re old and grey.


Pawcurious: With Veterinarian and Author Dr. V

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