Amadeus, the Pool Playing Chihuahua

Who knew doggie pool was a thing? Until next time, Good day, and good dog! Dog Blog

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Dogs galore

Not content with six Shelties, this lady has dogs on her handbag – and what’s she got painted on her fingernails? Perhaps dog faces … 

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Four of the Michael Vick dogs went on to become ce…

Four of the Michael Vick dogs went on to become certified therapy dogs. I wish that could be mentioned in every article about these dogs.

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My Favorite Spring and Summer Invitations

I love hosting parties, but I started thinking the other day about how long it’s been since I threw or helped plan a party during spring or summer – aka the most wonderful time of the year. Everyone in our family has birthdays in the winter (or for my husband, on the first day of spring, which sort of doesn’t count), my baby showers were both in the fall, our wedding was in the fall, and any large gatherings we’ve hosted have somehow also fallen in autumn or winter. I admittedly don’t have an occasion for which to throw a party this spring or summer either, but that didn’t stop me from perusing party ideas online that fit the season. And now I’m convinced I need to figure out a way to host (or at least help plan) something, because any sort of celebration that involves friends and warm weather and the joys of this time of year sounds like something I’d really enjoy putting together.

During my party planning searches, I started looking into invitations, and man did I get sucked in. I love (I mean love) the invitation aspect of party planning. Invitations are the spark of a party’s fire you guys. They’re the first taste of what’s to come. They set the tone for the occasion. They’re important, and if you appreciate design, they’re one of the very best parts of celebration planning. I decided to save some of my favorite invites with a spring and summer vibe – whether the colors, design itself, or occasion – all of which you can see in the collage above. There’s just something about a celebration in the spring and summertime.

Each of the invite designs you see here come from a company I recently discovered called Basic Invite. I immediately fell in love with them because in addition to carrying thousands of different invitations, cards, and stationery items, they allow you to customize everything – from design to font to colors to text to envelopes and more. They offer almost unlimited color options and instant previews, so you can make sure you are creating an invitation that is exactly what you want, down to the smallest detail. There are over 40 different colors of envelopes (the first thing your guests see) too. They are also one of only a few websites that allows you to order a printed sample of your actual invitation so you can (literally!) see it on paper before you place your order. And if you’re planning a wedding, they offer over 200 (yes, 200) wedding invitation sets. I sure wish I’d known about Basic Invite when I was hunched over on the floor at 3 AM hand folding wedding invites I’d designed and printed myself because I couldn’t find a company that had the detailed customization options I wanted. They also have a huge selection of gorgeous save the dates and bridal shower invitations.

Now I just need a reason to host a party in the next four months. Any suggestions?

This post is in partnership with Basic Invite. Thank you for supporting the brands that help make Bubby and Bean possible.


Bubby and Bean ::: Living Creatively

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Pets Finally Being Rescued from Fort McMurray Fire

In advance of the quickly growing wildfire in Fort McMurray, Alberta, some people had to leave their pets behind as they fled to safety. CBCNews is reporting that hundreds of the animals have now been rescued. According to the Facebook page of Fort Mac Fire – Pet Rescue, those who wished to help the animals […] Dog Blog

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I’ve Moved

I decided to move my blog. You can now find me at

Hope to see you there!

Crazy Coulee and Little Lacey

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Pet Food Recall: MARS Petcare Nutro Chewy Treats Apple 4 oz.

MARS Petcare has issued a voluntary recall of its Nutro Chewy Treats Apple 4 oz.  The recall information is below.  It was found at PetSmart.

Dear Valued PetSmart® Customer,

MARS Petcare has issued a voluntary recall of the following Nutro dog treat due to potential mold.


Product Description


PetSmart SKU


Product UPC


Impacted Lot Codes




Lots codes beginning with ‘4 50’, ‘5 02’, ‘5 03’, OR ‘5 05’ (regardless of best by date).


The Lot Codes are located on the bottom of the bag under the Best By date as shown below:



Please stop feeding this product to your pet and bring any remaining Nutro 4 oz. Apple Chewy Treats affected by this recall to your nearest PetSmart for a full refund. PetSmart sells a wide variety of treats from many brands, and our associates can help you find the right item for you and your pet.

If you have questions about this voluntary recall, please contact Nutro Customer Service at 1-800-833-5330.

PetsitUSA Blog

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Police department goes above and beyond to serve and protect

The Poodle (and Dog) Blog

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Hilary Swank Presents Awards to Young Animal Advocates

Celebrating a new generation’s passion for compassion, a national award ceremony recently took place in Washington, D.C., with children who have shown their support for various charities (among…

[[ This is a summary only. Click the title for the full post, photos, videos, giveaways, and more! ]]


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Sharing My Mom’s Beauty Secrets with My Own Daughter (+ A Neutrogena Giveaway!)

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I remember being absolutely infatuated with my mom’s beauty routine as a little girl. My mom has never been big into makeup, but I loved watching her swipe a blush brush across her cheek or a mascara wand onto her eye lashes – and couldn’t wait to do the same when I got older. One day I asked her how much longer it would be before I could wear makeup, because I “wanted to be pretty too.” And my mom sat me down right then and there and shared with me what I vowed to share with my own daughter if I ever had one as well. She explained that beauty was about much more than putting on makeup or styling your hair – that being kind and taking care of yourself and finding simple ways to enjoy life were the most important elements of true beauty. She also told me about her own beauty routine (from favorite products to ways she cared for herself from the inside out), much of which I went on to do myself, and have even started to share with my own daughter Essley. Today I’m partnering with Neutrogena Rainbath – one of the products to which my mom first introduced me as a young girl – to share with you some of these beauty tips, as well as to give away a pretty amazing prize pack of Neutrogena goodies.

1. Eat healthy foods. One of the most important beauty secrets my mom taught me that I’ve been already instilling into Essley is how nutrition can genuinely make or break your appearance. I grew up eating a lot of clean, whole foods, and I try to set the same example for Essley that my mom set for my sister and me. When she asks for a cookie, I hand her an apple or orange instead (she loves oranges something fierce). We make smoothies together everyday, and focus on healthy, organic foods as much as possible. I could admittedly live on candy and french fries if it was acceptable, so this doesn’t always come easy. But I notice a huge difference in my skin, hair, and overall appearance when I’m eating well, and just as my mom talked to me about how much what you eat affects how you look and feel, I talk about it to Essley. She is still very little but she gets it!

2. Move. Speaking of taking care of yourself in an effort to look your best, my mom was also big on getting us to move our bodies. We didn’t go to the gym and still don’t (although I sure do wish I was motivated to be a 6 AM gym person!), but we did a lot of walking and playing and dancing and just moving in general. While Essley may be too young still to comprehend that working out and moving our bodies affects every aspect of our appearance (and how we feel, which my mom always said directly influenced our looks as well!), I include her in my work outs everyday. And man does that kid love her dance class.

3. Drink your water. Drinking lots of water was a huge beauty secret of my mom (and still is), and like my mama did to me, I tell Essley on a regular basis how magical water is to looking and feeling our best. She and I carry our water bottle with us everywhere, and have fresh water with every meal.

4. Enjoy the little things. I mentioned how when my mom first sat me down to define beauty, she talked about how finding bliss in life’s simple pleasures and everyday moments was key to looking and feeling beautiful. Through the different stages of my life I have found this to be intensely true on so many levels. Periods of time that have been challenging or stressful, especially when I haven’t allowed time for myself, have presented themselves loud and clear on my skin, in my eyes, in my hair, and in my overall energy. I looked forward to being able to talk about this to Essley when she’s a little older. In the meantime, we spend a lot of time picking flowers, looking at the moon, and paying attention to our surroundings in a positive way.

5. Find some really great beauty product staples. And finally, my mom told me about all of her tried and true favorite beauty products that had become beauty staples for her, some of which I still use today and will undoubtedly share with my little girl as well. One of these products has been around since the 1970s, and I consider it to be iconic - Neutrogena Rainbath bath and shower gel. My mom has always been big on creating rituals when it comes to beauty and self-care (I think she may actually be the biggest fan of baths to have ever lived), and that’s something I look forward to passing on to Essley as well. Rainbath is a key ingredient for these rituals – it has an incredible spicy scent that reminds me of a spa, and has the ability to both relax me after a long day and invigorate me in the morning. It also creates the most luxurious lather (I even use it to shave) that conditions my skin but rinses clean without leaving a residue. Although the Original Rainbath is my jam, Neutrogena also made several other scents – Rainbath Replenishing Shower and Bath Gel: Ocean Mist, Rainbath Rejuvenating Shower and Bath Gel: Pomegranate, and Rainbath Renewing Shower and Bath Gel: Pear and Green Tea. I love that we share this beauty product staple throughout our different generations!

And now that I’ve shared the beauty secrets that have been passed down in my family, it’s time to give away some amazing prize packs of Neutrogena Rainbath and Rapid Wrinkle Repair goodies! This giveaway includes four Rainbath Shower & Bath Gels (one of each delicious fragrance) and the Rapid Wrinkle Repair Collection (Rapid Wrinkle Repair® Serum, Rapid Wrinkle Repair® Eye Cream, Rapid Wrinkle Repair® Night Moisturizer and Rapid Wrinkle Repair® Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30). Ten packs will be given away, valued at $ 120 each. See the Rafflecopter entry form below for more details and to enter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I’m so grateful for my mom’s beauty secrets and hope Essley appreciates them as much as I have. And good luck to those entering the giveaway – I’m genuinely jealous!

This post is in partnership with Neutrogena Rainbath. Thank you for supporting the brands that help make Bubby and Bean possible.


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