Fresh out of expertise

setter by alexander pope

I stopped writing about dogs.

It’s not because I have stopped loving them. I do.

I always will.

But I also have come to the conclusion that my level of expertise just isn’t doing them justice.

There is much we don’t know and cannot know.

To the extent that I have been wrong, I have failed.

I never got into team sports because it was always a constant chest-thumping one-upmanship that I found repulsive.

Spending time alone in the woods with dogs was the opposite of that sort of existence.

Little did I know that that world of dogs was gripped by the same sort competition. I just happened to be around dogs in a part of the world where no one cared about these things.

And the truth is I have been outdone by those with more resources. I’ve been outdone by those who were able to be tougher and nastier.

I’m not a nasty person.

All I’ve ever sought was more time to be alone in the woods with dogs, and if whatever I wrote here helped me to that end, then I’d write about it

It would help me recreate what I had once known and what I had yearned for.

I may write about dogs here again.

But it is going to be a while.

I think I’m fresh out of expertise.

But it may be confidence in myself.

Who knows?

It doesn’t really matter.

It all ends up in a kind of writer’s block anyway.



Natural History

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Life is a macaron

My mother was not a great cook. I think she would happily cop to that. She made spaghetti, burnt steak, and stuck underseasoned chicken breasts in the oven until they turned rubbery. Her mother was not a great cook either. She was Irish, so I guess that was part of her legacy to boil everything until it fell apart and all the taste seeped out, or so she claimed.

However, her father was French, so she inherited a different type of culinary genius: boy could she bake. If I had to choose one of the two to excel in, it’s pastry chef every time. Banana bread. Cranberry muffins. Christmas sugar cookies with just the right frosting:cookie ratio. And her New England birthright, the whoopie pie.


Every Christmas, she would bake piles of these little crack blobs and send them to every corner of the States, where otherwise mild-mannered humans would turn into ravenous wolves and tear into them until nothing was left but a small pile of chocolate crumbs and the satisfied groans of bellies bloated with marshmallow creme. And when my kids were older, they took my place up at the counter to learn the great tradition of cookie decorating:

Christmas2013 29 12 2013

They weren’t bakery perfect, but that’s what made them fun.

Mom would also on occasion bake macaroons, those pasty, blobby coconut things that stick to your teeth and cling to the insides of your esophagus like phlegm. I was not a fan. But one fateful day I wandered into a French bakery and admired the little pastel rows of goodness and light known as French macarons, and everything changed. I picked up a rose flavored one and a lavender one, and I was hooked.

By MachineKeebler (talk).MachineKeebler at en.wikipedia [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

By MachineKeebler (talk).MachineKeebler at en.wikipedia [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

Before they became wildly popular a year or two ago, they were nearly impossible to find, and I decided that the easiest thing to do would be just to learn how to make them myself. Mom was on board too, ready to add a new treat to her repertoire.

Unfortunately, macarons are known as one of the granddaddies of pastry making, a confection as temperamental as an 80s hair band vocalist. Beat the meringue too long? Ruined. Not long enough? Ruined. Also able to ruin them: temperature too high, too low, overmixing, undermixing, high humidity, Mercury in retrograde, wrong rack in oven, playing country music while baking, etc, etc.

It only made me more determined to unlock their secrets, so last year I procured a cookbook, 5 bags of almond flour, and spent an afternoon in the kitchen with my mother ruining macarons.

After 3 or so batches, we were able to get a cookie sheet out of the oven with at least half of them edible, and we considered this a great success.

“Next year,” she said, “We’ll have this down.”

We never did get to practice together after that.

So a couple of weeks ago, with this echoing in my mind, I realized I needed to finish what we started and make some damn macarons. They are not like making a batch of chocolate chip cookies where you screw it up a little, meh, still fine.

Macarons are an event. You need to prepare. You need to think about things. You need to time everything just so, knowing the difference between firm meringue and soft, how many folds it takes before the stiff batter melts into pipable lava, make sure to bang the tray on the counter a few times,  you need to rest the cookie before you bake it so you get those little crusty feet. Getting it right is like finding the keyhole into the Misty Mountain, a perfect meeting of all the right tiny details.

And even when you do all of this right, they still get messed up. Sometimes they slant to the left like a manhole askew, sometimes the foot sticks to the pan and all you get is the top half, or they’re overdone and crunchy all the way through. Piles wind up in the trash. And every once in a while you hit the jackpot and get a perfectly done shell, and then- then, it’s magic. Crunchy and chewy and delicate and unlike any other thing out there, and you think to yourself, I have reached nirvana.

Manic Pixie Baker

I went into manic baking mode this week. Between the 3 dozen macarons I took to a cookie exchange (and lost the contest to a BROWNIE, what the heck is that about?), the teacher gifts, the ones my husband wants to bring into work, I can’t keep them in the fridge before they get carted out. Biscoff gingerbread. Pistachio. Cherry cordial. Eggnog. Nutella. I was a macaron machine.

I could have just gone and bought them, I suppose, or picked one of any thousands of easier cookies to make. But there is something special about giving someone a perfectly tied teensy box of macarons that makes a recipient light up- even when the cookies are imperfect, which most of them are. Because you are basically presenting a box that says, “I wasted 40 hours of my life swearing at a bowl of egg whites in order to bring you this,” and when the person squees in delight, you realize it’s not a waste after all.

In the hours I spent in meditative contemplation over a tray of almond meal, it really started to sink in as to why I felt such a need to get it right, to fulfill this promise to my mom that I would nail this cookie in a manner befitting my birthright. Whether or not they came out perfectly was completely beside the point, an added bonus but not necessary.

They are, simply put, a confectionary metaphor for life itself. They’re never going to be perfect. There’s always going to be one more way you can make them better. It takes time and effort and patience to get to the end and it still may not be what you wanted, but oh, even then, it was worth it.


What you bring to the party, and what you give to others from your own heart and hands- it is worth it. Never stop giving.


Pawcurious: With Veterinarian and Author Dr. V

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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Images from top:  1. Jakfruit  //  2. Made from Scratch  //  3. Planete Deco  //  4. Mitzy at Home  //  5. Dot and Bo  //  6. Domino Mag  //  7. Say Yes  //  8. The Design Chaser  //  9. Faring Well  //  10. Vtwonen

I think many of us can admit that we never quite live up to our own expectations during the holiday season. I absolutely love this time of year (which says a lot for a full-blooded summer girl who despises winter), and starting mid-November, I begin to compile a list in my head of all of the decor projects I want to do, cookies I want to bake, shopping outings I want to have, hot chocolate filled holiday light drives I want to take, etc. I have the best intentions, I really do, but they ultimately end up falling through the cracks. This year more than ever I feel behind. I’ve taken on more work projects over the last month or so than ever before, Essley is beginning to live up to being an almost two year old (in the best of ways, but man), and I could basically give birth to this massive baby in my belly at any time. I’ve only put out a few decorations, I’ve barely started shopping, and I certainly haven’t allowed myself the time to relax and enjoy the season. I’ve vowed to make that time though, starting this weekend. And for inspiration and motivation to do just that, I’ve gathered up some of my favorite holiday images that I’ve come across lately. Since I’m guessing many of you are in the same boat in terms of holiday expectations vs. holiday reality, hopefully these beautiful photos will be a reminder that it really is the most wonderful time of the year.


Bubby and Bean ::: Living Creatively

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Numbers 15-Good Morning Girls Bible Study (Numbers)

Right now, Good Morning Girls is working through the Book of Numbers. A little background on the Book of Numbers. This is the fourth book in the Bible and it is located in the Old Testament; Believed to have been written by Moses (Patriarch that we meet in Exodus), Numbers can be considered like a…

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Sunflower Faith

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New drug could add years to our dogs’ lives

The Poodle (and Dog) Blog

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Foundation Study Bible, NKJV by Thomas Nelson (Book Review)

When I first received the Foundation Study Bible, I was impressed first by the compact size of the bible. The lettering looks to be about 6 to 7 point so if you are needing a larger size lettering, this isn’t the book for you. The pages are broken into two columns, with divisions on the…

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Sunflower Faith

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Don’t miss our PawZaar BOGO Sale!

While supplies last, we’re having a BOGO sale on four special PawZaar products–a great way to gift yourself and a pet-loving friend! Order Smiling Dog Key Ring and Run to Rescue Bracelet…

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Healthy Paws offers a raw food diet for dogs and…

Healthy Paws offers a raw food diet for dogs and…
Dog-Gone Raw is a pet supermarket in Mount Hope offering a wide variety of raw pet food, a natural, healthier alternative to commercial dry dog food. … Eating a raw diet provides a natural flossing action that keeps their teeth and gums healthy. A
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Nearly 100 dogs rescued from suspected puppy mill in Clewiston
"We're seeing a number of medical issues, eye issues, teeth issues, skin problems," Rickey said. "These animals are living in this environment every day and not receiving adequate care." Each dog was assigned a number, now part of evidence for a
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climber-cat2-lgPet lovers will do pretty much anything to help animals in need. One man in Washington state has made a career out of rescuing cats stuck in trees!

According to ABC News, professional tree climber Shaun Sears operates Canopy Cat Rescue, based in North Bend, Wash.

The non-profit organization comes to the rescue when other organizations aren’t able to assist.

In Washington trees can grow extremely tall, which means cats getting stuck in very high places where they’re unable to get down is common. In fact, Sears says they’ve made 325 rescues in 2015 alone.

The work is challenging and dangerous. Scared cats have a tendency to climb even higher, even when Sears is trying to help.

A recent cat named Baby got stuck in a fir tree, prompting her owners to call Sears. Baby started her ordeal at 40 feet up and ended up 110 feet high in the tree before Sears was able to get a hold of her and bring her down safely!

Click here to read the complete story.


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Love it. Wish I lived there so I could volunteer. …

Love it. Wish I lived there so I could volunteer.

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