Just Try to Skip This Geico Ad Starring a Dog Eating Spaghetti

Geico has done the impossible: It’s gotten us to watch one of those Internet “pre-roll” ads, typically shown before videos, that you can skip after a few seconds. We watched it not only once, but twice. Three times. Eight times. Fifteen times? Hell, sure, let’s watch it again: 

Amazing, huh? The way the the dog suddenly seems to realize, “Oh, we’re really doing this? I’ve got carte blanche to go Dyson all over your dinner, and you’re just going to sit there, frozen, like frozen people or whatever? Great. Action. I love it.”

Don’t you love the way he begins by making a very through and tidy job of it, and then he steps in the salad and knocks it over? And how he does not care a whit that he steps in the salad and knocks it over because he has Johnny’s spaghetti to eat? And how he then steps in the milk — are you kidding us with that? What dog steps in milk? And how at the end of it, he’s looking around for more food and then he realizes, My God, I’ve still got a serving bowl of spaghetti left? 

Watch it again:

The ad, to our great satisfaction, is making a buzz in the advertising world. 

“We call these unskippable,” Joe Alexander, chief creative officer at The Martin Agency, who created the ad, told USA Today. “Our goal is to bring attention to Geico in a space that is often hated.” 

“It’s like watching a slow-motion accident,” he said, referring to the can’t-stop-watching aspect of the ad. “We’re trying to extend the action.”

David Schwab, a senior vice president at entertainment-marketing firm Octagon, concurs: “Human nature makes you keep watching the ad to see if this going to be a train wreck,” he told USA Today. “This ad makes you stick around.”

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As for how they pulled it off, Alexander said that they did nine takes before the actors and the dog -- Bolt -- nailed the beginning of the scene. Then, on the 10th, they let Bolt have his way with everybody's spaghetti, and he did not disappoint.

Go ahead, watch it again: 

 Via USA Today

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Family Day

It was Family Day yesterday so we got up early and went off to the cold frozen beach.  We had a pretty good time.  Lacey especially had a blast running around like crazy!

This is the moment Coulee realized that Lacey had a “better” toy.  The frisbee got left behind after this.

I didn’t even have to say anything other than her name and she glanced around, found the big flat rock and hopped up.  :)

This cracked me up.  First of all I have no idea what Coulee is doing back there – I have a feeling the toy just popped out of her mouth.  And Lacey was just being adorable!

Coulee again being a nut.  I was actually trying to photograph Lacey and I saw her do this out of the corner of my eye.  No idea.. it’s not like she’s actually jumping over something.

We play a game at home where we tuck her toy under a foot stool.  Even though the stool is small enough that she can move it or lift it, she uses her feet to try and pull the toy out.  Sometimes she’ll stick the toy under there herself and then try to get it out. This is the first time I’ve ever seen her do it outside though. She laid down next to the rock and started playing with the ball until it rolled under, then she tried to get it out again.  I swear it was deliberate.

Crazy Coulee and Little Lacey

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GREENIES Original Canine Dental Chews – TEENIE Treats Size – Treat TUB-PAK Package (27 oz.) – 96 Co

GREENIES Original Canine Dental Chews – TEENIE Treats Size – Treat TUB-PAK Package (27 oz.) – 96 Count From Greenies http://www.amzn.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00…
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Study: Your Dog Literally Has No Short-Term Memory

You spend your life loving, laughing, and engaging in wonderful activities with your dog. Too bad your dog doesn’t remember any of it. 

Wait, let us clarify: He remembers it — for about a minute. At two minutes, he’s forgotten it. Unless it’s an event that has to do with food or fear, the memory is gone, zapped, cleared from the doggy record, according to a new study, which seems like an arrow pointed at our heart.  

Thanks, Centre for the Study of Cultural Evolution at Stockholm University, Sweden.

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Dog playing chess by Shutterstock.

Of course, with studies like this, the important thing to realize is that you can just ignore the results, figuring they'll change in a year or so. Like you did with eggs and meat. But, in the interest of reporting the news, let's have at it:

"A recent investigation of short-term memory suggests animals don't remember specific events much at all," announces National Geographic. "Instead, they store away useful information about what could help them survive."

"Covering 25 species that ranged from dolphins to bees, the study found the average short-term memory span of animals was 27 seconds ..."

Good Lord. How did this animal kingdom ever get off the ground? 

"Dogs forget an event within two minutes," continues the article, cruelly. "Chimpanzees, at around 20 seconds, are worse than rats at remembering things, while the memory spans of three other primates -- baboons, pig-tailed macaques, and squirrel monkeys -- exceeded only bees."

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Wait, sorry, dog EATING chess by Shutterstock.

Humans, on the other hand, remember mundane events like a pro. We're able to ace the memory test they gave animals "effortlessly" up to 48 hours later. 

"The data tell us that animals have no long-term memory of arbitrary events," said ethologist Johan Lind, who headed the team. "We think humans' ability to remember arbitrary events is unique."

About that study: It drew on 100 studies of captive animals who had been given a memory test of recent random events. It's known as the delayed matching-to-sample method (DMTS), in which visual stimulus, like a red circle, is shown to the subject. 

"The red circle disappears, then, after a delay, it's shown again with another sample stimulus -- a blue square, say. The animal, usually with the incentive of a food reward, has to select the original sample it saw."

Of course, you know your dog remembers a whole lot of stuff longer than two minutes. Those memories, claims the study, are associative memories -- a cat associating the cat carrier with the danger going to the vet, for example.  

The study says that animals have "specialized memory systems" hardwired to remember certain "biologically relevant information," according to National Geographic

We're skeptical, of course -- dogs certainly do seem to have memories that aren't entirely related to "biologically relevant information" -- but we'll let this study have its moment in the sun. 

Before we forget it. 

Via National Geographic

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Waiting for Mama

This lovely Bernese Mountain Dog was ‘waiting for Mama’ and as you say, she had soon finished her shopping and he was a happy dog.

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Healthy smile, healthy you: A guide to dental hygiene

Healthy smile, healthy you: A guide to dental hygiene
While it is indeed a great thing if you are committed to the 'twice a day, every day' rule, brushing alone cannot ensure oral hygiene no matter how fancy your brush and toothpaste might be. In fact, most of us probably aren't even brushing properly!
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Dental Hygiene Students, Faculty and Staff Join Washington County Dental
Newswise — HILLSBORO, Ore. — Pacific University Dental Hygiene students and employees joined forces with members of the Washington County Dental Society at the university's Hillsboro Campus on Saturday, Feb. 7 to literally give more than 100 children …
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Northlanders Donate Oral Care Products for "Smile Drive"
Just Kids Dental spread the message of good oral health on Sunday with a "Smile Drive" where they collected oral care products to help folks keep those pearly whites strong. Students from Lake Superior College Dental Hygiene Program represented Just …
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Is there anything more adorable than an 8 week old French bulldog puppy!

This is Marley and she lives in Monaco with a 4 month old chocolate labrador. We’ll meet her next time.

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A recent blizzard could have turned even more dangerous for a Massachusetts woman if it hadn’t been for her golden retriever, Reilly.

According to the Patriot Ledger, Nancy Sheerin of Weymouth, Mass. was at home alone with Reilly during a snowstorm.

Sheerin, who is hard of hearing, went to bed after taking out her hearing aids.

But at 4 a.m. she awoke to the 3-year-old Reilly licking her face.

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Pet Food Recall: Pet International Inc. 6″ Beef Trachea Pet Treat

The FDA has released a pet food recall for 6″ Beef Trachea Pet Treats.  You can find the official report below and here.

(305) 591-3338

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — February 11, 2015 — Pet International of Miami, Florida is recalling 1500 units of 6” Beef Trachea Pet Treat because it has the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella. Salmonella can affect animals (i.e. dogs) eating the products and there is risk to humans from handling contaminated pet produTracheacts, especially if they have not thoroughly washed their hands after having contact with the products or any surfaces exposed to these products.

Healthy people infected with Salmonella should monitor themselves for some or all of the following symptoms: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, abdominal cramping and fever. Rarely, Salmonella can result in more serious ailments, including arterial infections, endocarditis, arthritis, muscle pain, eye irritation, and urinary tract symptoms. Consumers exhibiting these signs after having contact with this product should contact their healthcare providers.

Dogs with Salmonella infections may be lethargic and have diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, fever, and vomiting. Some pets (i.e. dogs) will have only decreased appetite, fever and abdominal pain. Infected but otherwise healthy pets can be carriers and infect other animals or humans. If your dog has consumed the recalled product and has these symptoms, please contact your veterinarian.

The 6” Beef Trachea Pet Treat was distributed to retail stores in the following Cities: Conifer, and Lakewood in Colorado.

If you have this product, use gloves and put in a double bag and throw it away as soon as possible. Do not touch the product in any way, and if you do, it’s recommended you must wash your hands immediately with an antibacterial soap.

The potentially affected product will pertain to a particular lot number, and are specific to a particular size of the pouch it’s sold in. Anyone having these products should verify the following:

Brand: Buster’s Natural Pet Supply,
Lot Code: 8501450,
Size: 6” Beef Trachea/ 12 Pack Plastic Pouch,
UPC Code: 8501450

No illnesses have been reported to date. We are still warning consumers that if any of the above information is on the package you have, do not feed it to any animals at all. It may be hazardous and should be disposed of immediately.

The recall was as the result of a routine sampling program by the Colorado Department of Agriculture and analyzed by FDA, obtained from Buster’s Natural Pet Supply in Conifer, CO. and found to be positive for Salmonella. The product sampled had a Buster’s Label on it, but was manufactured by Pet International. Buster’s Natural Pet Supply recalled the entire product from the two stores that the distributor sells it. The Pet International Inc. continues their investigation as to what caused the problem.

Consumers who have purchased 6” Beef Trachea with Buster’s Natural Pet Supply Label on it and are wishing to be refunded because of the recall, can take the product back to where bought it from, with receipt. A special form will be provided to be filled out as well. Both the form and the receipt are needed for the refund.

Consumers with any questions about the recall product may contact the company at by phone at (305) 591-3338 Monday through Friday 9:00am too 5:00pm EST or via e-mail at sergioh@petint.com.

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Emmi-Pet Ultrasound Toothbrush for Pets; Dogs & Cats

Effective Dental Repair & Hygiene For Your Pet. No Brushing Required. 100% Ultrasound Toothbrush that kills bacteria and promotes healthy gums. Flouride-Free…
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