Pitbull Mix Gets A Kiss

Pitbull mix gets a kiss on the side of her head when her mommy drops her off at doggie daycare!

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Today’s Walk

This pretty much sums things up.

Coulee found a ball so she kept dropping it at my feet and stared happily at me waiting for the throw.

It doesn’t matter if the throw never comes. She never loses her optimism.

And Lacey brought us dead body parts. This was a nice little bit of deer she decided to bring me.  I keep asking for flowers (heck I’d be happy with twigs!), but she never seems to listen.  ;)

Crazy Coulee and Little Lacey

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It’s Been a While

Yikes.  A month. I think that is the longest I’ve gone without blogging.  I’m not going to try and catch up as that isn’t motivating at all.  I will tell you about the conference I went to last week though.

Lorelei and I went to the PPOC Conference in Winnipeg.  It was good.  Really good.  We went out a day early and took a session offered by Chris Morris on using speed lights. This was the session I was most looking forward to as it was mainly about using lights in “sporty” situations – which means they couldn’t be big or bulky or too heavy.  He started from the basics and worked his way up.  Turns out I was missing a key piece of information to get my borrowed lights to work properly and basically everything I’ve done to this point has been a fluke.  Ha!  So that was nice to clear up and then to learn more on top of it.

I’d say my second favourite session was a surprise. It was a talk by Deasy Photography.   They have a very interesting way of doing business and it was definitely food for thought for most of the people in the session.  I might eventually try and incorporate some of their practices.

There was also a great session on website content by Jenika at Psychology for Photographers. I’ll be making some changes for sure to my website.  In fact it might get a complete overhaul. It’s been quite a few years since I’ve done much with it.

I also had a portfolio review done by Paul Wright.  It was good – he was complimentary, had some advice and gave me some things to think about in terms of my future direction.

The PPOC is an interesting organization.  I’ve never seen so many members so enthusiastic about their membership. It was great to see but I’m still not sold.  We’ll see. I might change my mind in the future.  Lorelei has signed up and I’ll definitely be asking her how she feels about it after a few months.

And in the spirit of always learning, I bought a used large black cloth backdrop right before we left.  I finally had time to try it out this weekend. I LOVE it.  It’s huge so the dogs can move around and it is so big they don’t need to be squished up against the back of it.  We had some fun taking some “serious” photos for a change.  Chewy was my assistant and helped to turn Lacey’s head for me. :)

Crazy Coulee and Little Lacey

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Bone chilling video: When 2 planes missed collision by seconds

Bone chilling video: When 2 planes missed collision by seconds
The scary sight of two planes almost coming to deadly collision gave goosebumps to those who witnessed the bone chilling incident. But, in an iota of seconds, the Utair airliner pilot geared up and aborted the risky landing to avert the disaster and
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Bone marrow transplants can reverse adult sickle cell disease
Bone marrow transplants can reverse severe sickle cell disease in adults, a small study by government scientists found, echoing results seen with a similar technique used in children. The researchers and others say the findings show age need not be a …
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New Nanoparticles Simultaneously Kill Cancer And Strengthen Bones
A collaborative research team made up of scientists from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Brigham and Women's Hospital (BWH) has devised a new method for helping to prevent and treat bone cancer that uses nanoparticles to deliver drugs directly to …
Read more on Med Device Online (press release)

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Almost a Year

I’ve been planning to do a post to commemorate Lacey’s one year of being cancer free but a friend found out yesterday that her dog has cancer and I no longer feel like celebrating. We truly had the best experience one could have with this kind of diagnosis – 2 weeks and 2 operations later, and it was over and done with.  Most dogs aren’t that lucky, but I hope things turn out OK this time too.
Crazy Coulee and Little Lacey

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Лакомство по уходу за зубами Pedigree Denta Stix

http://admashine.com/lakomstvo-po-uxodu-za-zubami-pedigree-denta-stix.html Четыре из пяти взрослых собак подвержены заболеваниям полости рта, которые могут б…

For more information: http://www.d-tec.se/ Denta Hybrid is an innovative lighting system involving a unique combination of fluorescent lamps with the additio…
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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Life’s a Beach

Just some randomness from an early morning beach walk this morning.
Lacey is happy – even with a nose full of sand.

I keep forgetting to bring a toy!  I’m trying not to play fetch so I leave the toys in the car.  Then Lacey gets the snot beat out of her.  So then I have to find something to keep Coulee occupied. Thankfully sticks are numerous at the beach.

Contemplating a swim.

She’s always so sweet with the gifts.

Just happy to be out and about.

A wet, dirty dog is a happy dog.

Crazy Coulee and Little Lacey

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Cosmopolitan Hotel Hong Kong Launches New Family Package

Hong Kong (PRWEB) July 01, 2014

Cosmopolitan Hotel Hong Kong has always been passionate about offering a comfortable stay for families where they can spend quality time together. With this vision in mind, Cosmopolitan Hotel launches its first-ever family-oriented campaign named Beyond Thoughtful ? Family & Us, and under this campaign a series of new and exciting family-friendly amenities have been introduced. .

Cosmopolitan Hotel offers over three varieties of family rooms to suit a wide range of needs, which include Family Quad Rooms, Ocean Park Suite and Toy Suite. Guests staying at any of these rooms will be treated to a host of complimentary benefits. These include FUN-cation specials, such as premium body and skin care for kids, a mobile storybook library, PlayStation, special sweet treats, a welcome gift, free toys and educational bookmark.

?We want our family guests who stay with us to be able to experience a stay that is fun, entertaining, yet educational, that they wouldn?t normally experience in any other downtown hotels in Hong Kong. More so, all their kid?s needs are well taken care of the moment they check into their room. Our family package ensures all the families are treated with the finest family friendly amenities and every stay for the little VIPs is made unique and memorable with our heartwarming touches,? said Ms. Chan, the General Manager of Cosmopolitan Hotel Hong Kong.

Cosy and Luxurious Family Quad Room with Two Double Beds to Fit Four

Measuring 32 square metres/340 square feet, Family Quad Rooms at Cosmopolitan Hotel Hong Kong are specially designed to accommodate two adults and two children, with two double beds readily available in the room. For new parents, a pair of bed rails or a baby cot can be arranged upon request. Everything on a parent?s ?to-pack? list, we have it covered.

Staying at a Family Quad Room will entitle guests to a full range of kid amenities for kids if booked via the hotel?s official website. Extra features including free room upgrade to the newly renovated Grand Family Quad (applies to when booking a Family Quad Room and subject to availability), a complimentary toy, free in-room Premium Wi-Fi and free use of smart phone with 3G Internet, which comes with special features like interactive maps, Hong Kong city guide, a host of exciting discounts across the city and unlimited local and IDD calls to selected countries.

Award-winning Themed Suites – Ocean Park Suite and Toy Suites

Both the Ocean Park Suite and Toy Suite offer the same range of amenities for kids as the Family Quad Room and include a full range of FUN-cation specials. Measuring 48 square meters / 520 square feet, Cosmopolitan Hotel themed suites feature a spacious living room and dining room. The Ocean Park Suite includes three Ocean Park admission tickets (two adults and one child), an Ocean Park souvenir, and a round-trip limousine service to and from the Ocean Park; whilst the Toy Suite is designed in accordance to a mini playground with all kinds of toys and little gadgets to keep the little ones busy . All suites have stunning views of the city?s skyline and the race course.

Head-to-toe Pampering for the Little Ones

For parents, a quality family accommodation begins from the choice of bathroom amenities. Like every mother would care for their juniors, the hotel has specially handpicked only the best toiletries that would make for quite an enjoyable experience. The premium kid?s toiletry bag features an extensive range of skin and body care products that every mother would find useful. . These products have been designed in a way where babies with sensitive skin are also taken care of.

A An Enlightening Stay Infused with Educational Elements

There is never a dull moment when staying at Cosmopolitan Hotel as the kids will find plenty of educational and fun-filled activities to enjoy. For kids who love to read, the hotel has a Mobile Storybook Library with extensive storybook stories, delivered to the room on request, here kids will be able to choose their favourite titles and enjoy reading the books in the comfort of their room. An inspirational bookmark specially designed by a popular local designer will also be awarded to kids who love to read. There are several educational cards found in the room with each delivering a special message to remind kids about healthy habits even on vacation.

Endless Surprises and Free Treats For the Little Ones and Parents

Children love surprises and gifts. So every child arriving at the hotel will instantly be offered a snack box featuring all-time favourite snacks and healthy juices that a child would like from a friendly hotel staff. More sweet surprises are hidden in the room! Last but not least, the ever popular free-to-pick Toy-cart overflowing with all sorts of toys and gadgets is available to let the kids choose their favourite toy! All of these thoughtful perks will surely guarantee that little ones enjoy a stay full of pleasant surprises. Other in-room amenities include various TV channels for kids, Wii games, kid?s dental kit, bathrobe, slippers, baby bed rails and many more.

Impressive Presentation To Ignite A Joyful Stay

The presentation of the gift and amenities has been given much thought so that even the parents will find it heartwarming. More so, the hotel is also providing a point-to-point free shuttle bus for guests to 15 tourist destinations every day. The shuttle bus to Ocean Park is available every Friday to Sunday, and parents who purchase Ocean Park tickets at the hotel concierge will get to enjoy the ride for free!

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TracieHotchnerJune is the National Adopt a Cat Month, an idea created by the American Humane Association to encourage people to make room in their hearts and homes for one (or more?!) cat(s), from the millions of them who are waiting for their Forever Homes in shelters across the country. Research has shown that all cats in sheltering situations experience stress that causes emotional and physical health problems – which means that every day a kitty spends in a shelter (even the nicest one) is a really hard day for her. If you have never had a cat yourself, but have considered adding a feline member to your family, why not make now the time to make a lifetime of difference in one cat’s life – and discover for yourself the joy a cat will bring you (with the bonus that pets have been proven to lower your stress at the same time!)

There are ten days left in June so don’t miss the chance to be counted as one of the Good Guys! You can make a huge difference – not just in that cat’s life, but also to the shelter workers who suffer another sort of stress seeing their cat populations grow with not enough adopters knocking on the door. From my book THE CAT BIBLE: Everything Your Cat Expects You to Know, here are some of the thoughts to take into consideration as you head off to your local rescue or shelter.

The first question to ask yourself is, “What kind of cat am I looking for?” Even if you don’t have a clear picture in your mind, we are all influenced by preferences we may not even be aware of. When you try to imagine what the perfect cat would be for you, what would your ideal cat look like? If you have a fantasy of the color and size of your dream cat, it’s easy enough to accommodate those physical characteristics on your wish list because on any day of the week there are so many thousands of cats for adoption wherever you might turn – local shelters, breed rescues, and of course the ubiquitous Petfinder.com which brings them all together on the Internet based on your zip code.

Beyond what your Fantasy Cat will look like, do you have feelings about what you envision as the ideal kitty’s personality and energy level? Kittens tend to zoom around and get into mischief: they need to have their environment kitten-proofed while their personalities are developing and you have to play with them and set boundaries for them until their energy mellows out. A grown cat will need less playtime and probably exhibit little, if any, of the wild antics of a kitten. In either case, think beforehand about your own time and energy levels and what might make a good fit for your lifestyle and personality.

When you meet an adult cat, you know in short order what her personality is. Does she like to sit on laps? Is she quiet and timid, or bold and assertive? Shelters and rescue groups often know their cats very well and can help steer you to a compatible match if you have a sense of what feline qualities would be appealing to you. But if you think about it, attraction often just happens. When you’re dealing with another living, feeling being, there are two sides to the equation. With pets we adopt, there often seems to be a mysterious moment of being touched with a magical wand of mutual attraction and you just seem to feel “That’s the one!”

For many people there is an “Aha!” moment when they are attracted to a human partner – for some people this can happen with pets, too. If you leave yourself open to that moment, you will know when it happens. Call it animal magnetism, karma, fate or your “inner cat,” and just go with it. What you’ll be letting go of at that moment is the idea that you can pick the “perfect” kitty and mold her into what you want, or control her natural self. Much better to leave the match-making in the hands of destiny and trust that the cat whew needs you – and whom you need – will find you.

Are there qualities about a cat that you can know beforehand? Unlike with dogs, there’s not much value to the idea of temperament testing for cats, starting with the fact that they wouldn’t submit to the test, anyway, unless they were in the mood! Dogs can be evaluated through a temperament test, but there is no such yardstick to evaluate cats, which means it isn’t reasonable to try to choose a cat or kitten based on a checklist of qualities.

The truth is that there’s really no way to pick the perfect cat for you, even if you knew what such a cat would be like. This is because one of the beautiful things about cats is that they do not reveal themselves all at once. Getting to know pussycats is a process, a gradual discovery of their enigmatic natures. Purebred cats are the only ones who tend to have somewhat predictable personalities and energy levels, but since only a small percentage of cat owners have purebreds, majority rules apply here. While I have heard that nearly one third of cats in shelters are actually purebred, there are still no hard and fast rules about their proclivities: not all Siamese talk a lot and not all Maine Coon cats like to take showers or go on walks like a dog!

Behaviorists who study cats have identified just two basic personality types for a cat. Beyond that, there aren’t any clear guidelines that allow you to judge a cat’s temperament ahead of time, other than sitting with a cat over one or more visits to discover how she interacts with you. Those who study cats generally agree that there are two fundamental kinds of cat personality and most cats’ personalities fall into one of them, with subtle variations. Type A cats are independent loners, aloof and maybe even reclusive. Type B cats are the kind of cats who will seek out people and other cats for companionship and they need affection and company.

The best overall tip in visiting the cat room at a shelter is not to pick extremes of personality. Be wary of the cat cowering in the corner.: if she’s a kitten, that timidity may be her natural personality and nothing you can do will make much of a dent in it. If she is an older cat who is fearful and withdrawn, it may be trauma of some kind has driven her into a nervous state, in which case you won’t be able to change much there, either. Avoid any extreme behavior, whether it is very reticent or overly energetic or enthusiastic, unless you are prepared to have a potentially long and challenging road to win this cat’s affection (though for some, such cats become the best love stories of all). But otherwise, pretty much any kitty who rings a bell for you has a great chance of being a love for life – so go ahead and make this the month you go for it!

Halo Purely for Pets is a pet food company devoted to supporting the health of cats in shelters (where they donate millions of meals through Freekibble.com) and their mission is to vigorously encourage adoption, which is why June being Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat month is such a meaningful month for them.
Keep in mind that how you feed your kitty will have a direct effect on her physical health and therefore her frame of mind.

Because the carbohydrates in dry food have been linked to health problems for animals who are obligate carnivores, I always recommend feeding wet food only to any cat of any age. Halo has a great choice of canned foods, including their newest pate-style cat food which has a remarkably low carbohydrate content around 3%. Feeding Halo canned foods is a sure way to get your new kitty on track for a lifetime of health and happiness. Don’t forget to pick up some freeze-dried protein in the Liv-a-Little containers, which makes heavenly treats to properly spoil your new feline family member!

Tracie Hotchner is the author of THE DOG BIBLE: Everything Your Dog Wants You to Know and THE CAT BIBLE: Everything Your Cat Expects You to Know. She is also a renowned pet radio host and producer, having spent 7 years on the Martha Stewart Channel of Sirius/XM with CAT CHAT® and even longer with her award-winning NPR radio show DOG TALK® (and Kitties, Too!) that continues to broadcast in the Hamptons and the Berkshires. Her most recent accomplishment is the pet talk radio network she has created on the Internet called The Radio Pet Lady Network.


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