Getting Greener

Compared to 2 weeks ago anyway.  The trees could still use some leaves.  But we are getting there!
Crazy Coulee and Little Lacey

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Using an Aerial Drone to Walk Your Dog: Cool or Just Creepy?

Aerial drones seem to be the future. Actually, scratch that. They’re the present. Drones are increasingly used for lots of things. They’ve grabbed the headlines because some of the ways they’re being used can be very scary, like allowing the government to bomb distant countries by remote control. However, the basic tech is so cheap and accessible that their non-bombing uses include crop dusting and simply annoying the neighbors for fun and/or profit.

As of this writing, I’m undecided about whether Amazon’s plan to use drones for delivery falls into the sinister or boring/obnoxious side of the equation.

And, of course, you can use drones to walk your dog. That’s not something that had occurred to me before last week — or, really, to anyone I know — but apparently it occurred to Jeff Myers. Myers picked up a drone at Bed Bath and Beyond (apparently you can do that now), tied a leash to it, and sent it out into the neighborhood to walk his Golden Retriever. Of course, he made video of it and put it on the Internet, because that’s what we do now.

By his own account, Myers’ dog was a little bit, uh, ambivalent about the whole experience.

“Goldens are really well trained and I think she was freaked out enough by what was happening that she just went along with it,” he told a writer from Motherboard.

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Myers’s route-mapping software impressed some viewers, and even got some developers to contact him, but it’s just a special effect for the video.

The video has gotten a lot of attention and commentary all over the Internet, but there's one problem: It's at least partially a fake. The video shows Myers entering a route into a mapping program and sending the drone and dog on their way. But apparently, the mapping software is only for appearances; Myers followed along and controlled the drone with his phone.

That's just as well, because any dog lover can immediately spot one glaring flaw with the drone doggie-walking plan: Who's going to clean up the poop? While the technology for spying on demonstrations or performing long-distance assassinations via drone is relatively advanced, there has been little work in teaching the devices poop-scooping skills. Attached to the drone, Myers' dog would be free to walk along the streets, leaving a trail of evenly spaced turds along the entire route like some coprophiliac version of Hansel and Gretel. Remember, drones aren't the only form of high-tech surveillance. Nowadays, the idea of doing DNA tests on stray dog poop to track down the owners is becoming more popular.

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Myers's drone in flight, with leash attached.

And then, of course, there's the more abstract problem of the human-dog bond. As noted before, Myers' dog seemed a little weirded out by having a robotic helicopter attached to her collar, but she tried to be a good sport and went along with it. But do you really want your dog to start bonding with a drone instead of you? Part of the whole walking process is that the dog gets some human attention, even if it's from a professional dog walker.

Myers admitted to Motherboard that it's not really practical for the moment, but he does imagine that it might work in the long run.

"The long-term vision was, what if we could make every part of Manhattan have a bike lane and a dog lane, and then you'd have these drones tied to them who could go walk your dog to your mother who lives on the Upper West Side," he said. "Obviously, it's a dumb idea, but wouldn't that be cool?"

Of course, it's hard enough to get cities to put bike lanes into their streets, never mind a second lane for dogs, so that's probably not happening any time soon.

What do you think? Does the idea of using drones to walk your dog fall into the "cool" category, or the "weird/creepy/evil" side of things?

Via Motherboard and Vimeo

Read about dogs in the news on Dogster:

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Best Dog Fences

If you’re a dog owner looking for the best dog fence to keep your pet where you want it to be rather than cavorting around the neighborhood, you’ll probably want to install a type of fence that can safely keep your dog inside your yard and still complement your yard and home.

Deciding on the best dog fencing system that is also safe for your dog is not always an easy task. Your decision will more than likely need to take into account several factors like the size of your yard, the total cost to purchase and install a fence, and any city or homeowner ordinances .

A wooden fence or chain link fence used to be the only option a pet owner had to keep their dog from running away or wandering into areas that were out-of-bounds, say like the neighbor’s flower garden. These fences always had their limitations. Smaller dogs would dig under the fence and escape whenever the mood struck them. Larger dogs simply jumped over the fences and ran away.

Chain link fences were usually an eyesore and were not good choices for suburban neighborhoods. Wooden fences were a better choice but they were costly and required upkeep like yearly painting or staining in areas with severe seasonal weather.

Then along came a safe alternative to chain link and wooden fences. These were called “invisible fences” because they were buried under the lawn and proved to be very effective in helping owners contain their dogs. They could be laid out to restrict a dog to a particular area and keep it out of places in your yard where you didn’t want it to be.

The invisible dog fences utilized a wire buried several inches deep around the perimeter of the yard. A transmitter was installed nearby or could even be located inside a basement or garage. When the dog would get close to the wire, the transmitter sent a signal to the receiver attached to the dog’s collar and a beep would sound a warning. If the dog ignored the warning and crossed the wire while wearing the collar, it would feel a slight shocking sensation meant to discourage it from going any further. This was the method used to train a dog to know where its boundaries were.

Invisible fences use electricity and are not recommended for smaller breed dogs like a Chihuahua or toy poodle. If you have a dog that weighs less than 10 pounds you may want to consider other methods of containment instead of an electric fence. Also, if you have a very small yard, electric fences are not a good choice because the dog will be confined to an area too small and you’d be better off keeping your dog in the house and only taking it outside for walks on its leash.

Dogs have to go outside to do their business, and at those times they can become very distracted by the sight of other dogs, people or cars passing by, and odors from other dogs that have been around the area. A dog naturally wants to investigate all of these distractions which can end up creating a lot of trouble for an owner. Having a neighbor call to complain about your dog being loose can be frustrating, but worse would be having to make an emergency trip to the vet after finding your injured dog lying in the road.

While an electric “invisible” fence may deter a dog from leaving your yard and going places it shouldn’t be, it’s still possible for even the best trained dog to cross the shock barrier if it’s really determined to wander away.

Take the time to explore the pros and cons of the different types of fences that would work best for you, would look good enclosing your yard, and will not break the bank. A good place to start is a visit to Lowe’s or Home Depot to compare the best dog fences available. You’ll also find reputable companies in the yellow pages or online that specialize in installing “invisible” dog fences. Please keep your dog’s needs – and personality – in mind when you start shopping for the best dog fence for your particular needs.

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Brushing Your Pet’s Teeth (Full version)

Show us those pearly whites, Fluffy and Fido! Did you know that February is Pet Dental Health Month? Dr. Sheldon Rubin shows you how to brush your pet’s teet…
Video Rating: 5 / 5 Tooth brushing is not just for humans but is also an activity for our pet companions too. It’s an important process that yo…
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How Awesome Is This Lego Storage!!!


Have you checked out this awesome storage for Lego’s?? I am drooling over this right now!!

I have so many Lego’s for the child care children that I would probably need two of these but these are just what I need and the colors are perfect for the Lego’s.

Hop on over to Amazon and check it out!!
Images by



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Summertime on the Boardwalk // A Bold + Brilliant Photoshoot

Summertime on the Boardwalk // Bubby and Bean

A couple of weeks ago, photographer Paula Stauffer sent over a fashion shoot for me to consider for publication here on the blog.  I was instantly smitten with the bold, brilliant colors and fresh, light-drenched images, and couldn’t wait to share with you guys.  The shoot was for clothing line The House of Perna, an independent womenswear label based in Miami and New York with a commitment to producing all of their garments here in the USA.

I asked Paula to share some details about her inspiration for the shoot and its lighthearted, summery vibe. “For this specific shoot, I wanted to focus on the color of the clothes combined with the environment that inspired them. I choose Florida’s Hollywood Beach boardwalk to showcase a fun, stylish environment that would accentuate the bold patterns and prints of the clothing. Also, the models were very young and vibrant and I felt this location fit them perfectly.  Who doesn’t love a girl on the beach?  This shoot was a wonderful experience for me. It allowed me to work with a nice group of creatives and showcase a different style of Miami area fashion.”

I also asked Paula to tell me a little bit about her photography business and the mission behind it.  “I started my photography business over four years ago, beginning with photographing landscape, and then moving onto moving subjects,” she said.  “I want to always create a fun environment that is bright and evokes emotion. I also try and take photographs that create memories and are more lifestyle based than posed.”  As for her commercial fashion shoots like this one, she says that she focuses on showcasing the unique quality of the clothing style and the brand itself.  “I also keep my photography style in mind when posing the models, so they have more of a relaxed feel.  My goal with my images is to allow the audience to connect with the models and locations through the way I showcase color and perspective.”

Thank you Paula for sharing this beautifully sun-kissed shoot with Bubby and Bean’s readers!  It makes me want to hop the next plane down to Miami (with a suitcase full of vibrant beachwear).  You guys can check out more of Paula’s work on her website.  You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest

Shoot Credits: Photography by Paula Stauffer, Styling by Amanda Perna, Clothing by The House of Perna, Modeling by Whitney Sharpe and Kelly Francis Sokol

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A Perfect Treat

A few nice treat images I found:

A Perfect Treat

Image by tonyboytran
The two love birds in this shot are my friends Thomby Sison and Kriss Velasco OR I should say, Thomby and Kriss SISON. They asked me to do their engagement shoot at Disneyland and this is one of the shots I got from that day.

Photography Techniques:
Taking this shot wasn’t hard, but editing it was a bit difficult. Cause they were sitting inside and the only lens I had that day was my wide, there was no possible way for me to avoid getting my reflection in the shot. Good thing Photoshop is a friend to me. After hours of cloning and painting over myself and trying to line up the bricks, this was the final result. Sure, maybe it’s NOT perfect, but I still got the concept that I wanted.

OCR blog:…

A Twistee treat is born

Image by the past tends to disappear

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Small Space Deck Decor Makeover

Small Space Deck Decor Makeover // Bubby and Bean

After so many months of being stuck inside after the horrendous winter we just had, I made a firm decision that I am going to spend as much time as possible enjoying the outdoors this summer on our little balcony-style deck.  I’m almost ashamed to say that we haven’t hung out there much in the past.  We did put a small table and a couple of chairs out there, and we’ve eaten dinner out there a handful of times, but until now, its main purpose was to house some of our container garden veggies and our old, beat-up grill.  I decided that I wanted it to feel more like an outside living area, and even though space and privacy are very limited (we live in a townhouse and don’t have a backyard), I figured that even just adding some colorful plants and flowers, some cushions, an umbrella, and a few decor items could easily transform the feel.  I’m kicking myself for not taking any ‘before’ pictures, but hey – not every project I do turns into blog content and I didn’t realize I wanted to share this until after the fact. :)   Just imagine it looking all gloomy and barren and sad beforehand, okay?  And please ignore the peeling paint – we’re re-staining in June.

Over the past few weekends, I went shopping and accumulated some pretty plants and flowers from several different local nurseries.  Then last weekend, I repotted them in terra cotta containers and in the flower boxes that hang on two sides of the deck railing.  We usually don’t put anything in the flower boxes (although last year we did make a pathetically unsuccessful attempt at growing lettuce in them), and now that they’re full of vibrant flowers, I can’t believe I waited so long.  I added a couple of inexpensive outdoor pillows in brick red, a simple grey outdoor umbrella (this one, which is currently on sale for $ 20 off!), and a block candle lantern that I picked up at IKEA.  I also moved a few of my Buddha statues and crystals and rocks to outside, hung a cool solar powered silk lantern, and I’m going to grab some bulb lights this weekend to string up. It feels simultaneously fun and peaceful out there now, and I love it so much.  It took just a few hours and less than $ 150 to create a completely new space.  I’m so glad I finally did something with it and can’t wait to hang out there all. summer. long.

In other news, it’s Memorial Day weekend!  Robbie had to leave town to work a music festival, so I’m working a half day today, and in a few hours, Essley and I are going to kidnap my mom from her work and head down to Indianapolis to hang with my sister.  It’s so rare that we get family girl time and I’m really excited for a mini road trip and getaway.  You can follow along with our adventures over on my Instagram (@bubbyandbean).  Have a wonderful weekend, babes!

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Abby Irene posted a video review of Halo Small Breed Spot’s Stew Chicken recipe and Spot’s Chew Dental Treat Nutty Banana (toy/small breed). She said:

“Hey guys, so this is one for the pets, the cats and dogs! I got some awesome things for my little Chihuahuas…”

“If you love your animals and want them to be healthy and you don’t want to give them weird food that’s processed and that stuff…has all those weird chemicals…just keep them watching. Thank you Halo pets!”

“The dogs really like it!”


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Nice Senior photos

A few nice Senior images I found:

Wash & Vacuum Senior Citizens

Image by PittCaleb
What’s up with this?

Wash & Vacuum Senior Citizens for only .95?

I wonder if the local senior housing place out-sources their old folks here to be washed…

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