Celebrating Love in Northern California

Earlier this month I shared some snapshots from our trip to Door County, Wisconsin, and I mentioned that rather than making my usual conscious effort to take perfectly curated photos of the journey, I only snapped a couple of images with my DSLR and mainly just captured shots with my phone along the way. Well for our week in northern California, the same was true, but even moreso. We flew out for the wedding of one of my best friends, and from the moment we stepped off of the plane until we boarded our return flight to home, there was nonstop activity. I didn’t even bother to bring my real camera this time, and I was so (happily) busy that I barely even had time to pull out my phone – nor did I want to. This trip was one of my favorite experiences I’ve had in years, and I took absolute pleasure in savoring the luxury of being in the moment with my closest friends in what is probably my very favorite part of the country. Maybe when the professional pictures of the wedding are available, I’ll share some of those. But for now, I’m just posting some of the phone images that were taken along the way, mainly by myself, along with a couple taken by friends – which although less aesthetically beautiful than what I’d normally hope to post, accurately (and more personally, I think) tell the story of our trip.

From setting up the bridal shower at a Sebastopol farmhouse on Thursday, to helping decorate and arrange flowers for the beautiful rehearsal dinner on Friday, to being part of the most stunning ceremony on the edge of a cliff where the Russian River meets the ocean on Saturday, to celebrating love in gorgeous outdoor reception in Guerneville on Saturday evening, to gathering with friends for clean-up and farewells on Sunday, and so many more blissful moments along the way, the entire trip was full of action and laughter and beauty and overall awesomeness. I cried when we had to say goodbye on Monday. And Essley slept almost the entire flight back. Both of these things, I would say, are signs of a truly wonderful vacation. I hope we can go back to magical Sonoma county sooner than later.


Bubby and Bean ::: Living Creatively

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This adorable Jack Russell puppy is called Titoo. He lives in Gorbio village.

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Countryside Veterinary offers wide range of services

Countryside Veterinary offers wide range of services
They are also skilled with cancer care and pain management. The state of the art facility has the capability of digital X-rays, which are useful in examining a pet's bones, lungs, heart, abdomen, oral cavity and other areas. It can spot a fractured
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Top Takeaways from ASCO: Neck dissection in head and neck cancer
PET-NECK: Guided active surveillance vs. planned neck dissection after chemoradiation. Guided active … “In patients with an early oral cavity cancer, an elective dissection is a reasonable standard-of-care approach,” Adelstein said. “There's now very
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Biz Bites: Dandy raises K for breast-care fund
The donation was raised in October from the annual “Dandy Pink Cups for the Cure” campaign and will be given to The Guthrie Clinic Breast Care Fund, according to a joint news release. The fund is used to help patients with the cost of medication
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Enter #NutrishPetMoments Contest: $1500 + 1-Year Supply of Nutrish!

It’s hard to believe–really, really hard to believe–but this Friday will mark Tiki’s SEVENTH “gotcha” day when we adopted her at our local shelter. She’s not…

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Guest Article: 5 Compelling Reasons to Read the Bible Today By Wayne Davies

Are you looking for motivation to read your Bible today? There are many good reasons to do so; here are five. Any one of them should provide the inspiration you need to take action and follow through on your desire for some quality Bible-time. Read the Bible today because . . . 1. The Bible…

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Sunflower Faith

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Latest Pet Healthy Gums News

Natural health: Ingrown hairs
For clean white teeth and healthy gums, make sure that your cat has access to raw bones at least four days a week. Cooked bone is … with chewing it. Cats can be particularly fussy about new foods, so your pet may need a few weeks to get used to the idea.
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How to Naturally Improve the Dental Health of Your Dogs and Cats
It's National Pet Dental Health Month! To address the importance oral health care for pets, February is recognized as a reminder to raise awareness that pet health also includes the mouth: healthy gums, teeth, and fresh breath. When was the last time
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Keep your pets healthy: clean their teeth
Your pet's teeth should look white, without any brown or gray tinges. The gums should be pink, not red or white. There should be no sign of swelling or bleeding. A lump in the gum could be a tumor. Pet owners should also check for cysts under the
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Nov 12, Dog Business Advertising | Best Dog Food Guide

Dog business advertising opportunity. Looking to increase visibility towards a highly targeted dog loving crowd? Look no further as BestDogFoodGuide is now open to advertising to support its free content.
Dog Food Blog | Best Dog Food Guide

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Thank you so much for this!!!!

Thank you so much for this!!!!

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Latest Greenies News

Adani mine opponents funded by taxpayers
The group denies using the $ 50,000 it received from the State Government to pay for the legal action, but industry backers say it could have cost the state much-needed jobs. EDITORIAL: Don't let greenies kick up skink · BUNGLE: Mine approval overturned.
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Thoughts from Chairman Tom
Here's a thought; plants have been removing carbon from the atmosphere for over 2 BILLION years — the greenies thing this is a good thing, maybe not. Maybe so much carbon has been removed that it has so reduced the “green house effect” that ice ages …
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Bible in one hand, shovel in the other: Tony Abbott is for coal
On the face of it, the EPBC move – which faces a good chance of defeat in the Senate – looks like a straight attack on rabid greenies by a conservative government. It also, of course, is a cunning attempt to wedge Labor over jobs. "This is an issue for
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Tracing Lines

Sydney didn’t make it.  She was due to be discharged this morning but an unexpected cascade of events occurred last night that was unstoppable.

She never made it home but after she was given rest, we got back to Valerie’s house and found Hudson on the pile of comforters and pillows
meant for her as though he was awaiting Sydney’s return.  And Valerie asked me if I believed Sydney’s spirit did make it back.    
Do I believe in that, she asked me.
As a man of both science and faith, I’ve borne witness to many inexplicable, unresolvable things on my travels. Long ago, I wrote a poem whose opening lines were;
“Cast before a silver sheet,
Tracing lines that never meet.”
Reflecting now back on those words I once wrote, I think what I meant was that a life, a love, a mile, a moment in time can be captured photographically but never truly and wholly represented.  
I believe that there is a spiritual connection between loved ones that does and maybe should defy our scientific understanding.  Energy is an expansive thing that is neither created nor destroyed.  And  though the lines never add up and never meet – that connection may change, it is never lost.  


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