Treat – Scratch and Bite (Full Album) 1985 HQ original account !!! Track List: 1. Changes – 0:00 2. Scratch and Bite – 3:38 3. Get You on the Run – 7:47 4. Hidin…

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  1. Omari Thompson says:

    Jeez. Where is the deluxe version that I’ve heard mention of? Are the
    albums really that rare to find?

  2. Maicol Núñez Colman says:


  3. paradisebeyond1982 says:

    I don’t think this is heavy metal, it’s hard rock, and at times it’s AOR.

  4. OlhoTurco2013 says:

    Another wonderful production of great talent JEAN BEAUVOIR (plasmatics,
    kiss, voodoo-x, cown of thorns). Solid album, superb band from Sweden.
    Their first 4 LP’s are must have albums for every rockers. Highly

  5. Tomas Bergqvist says:

    Excuse me but it’s Mats “Dalton” Dahlberg from Axelsberg on drums on these
    songs!! Leif Sundin replaced him after this earthshattering debutalbum

  6. MSGDK says:

    got a like man! :P

  7. Stefan Belius says:

    bassplayer is little off..but what the heck..who´s counting in the 80´s..

  8. petegrind says:

    You have the best channel on Youtube.

  9. Michael Crusader says:


  10. CRAZYCRADER says:

    Good stuff!

  11. Kas-g Randy says:

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