Greenies Review

Find Greenies for your dog or cat here:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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6 Responses to Greenies Review

  1. hamsterloverforever1 says:

    Great video!
    These are safe for hamsters too! but don’t feed more than 1 every month or
    so and make sure its the tiny size. I Can get a bigger bag than that of the
    tiny size for $10 a petvalu!

  2. randomvideos101 says:

    Is it really a petsupermarket or just a pet store?

  3. HumorISHOT25 says:

    Nice! I feed my cats the feline greenies. There are different flavors. At
    my local petsupermarket, they run at 2.99 a bag. At my local petco, its
    3.99 a bad and the bag isn’t as big.


  4. GeorgePetLover says:

    Great review. 

  5. Little Hammy Lover says:

    I want to get the senior Greenies to my dog Stubby (12 years old), do you
    know the difference between the senior and the original?

  6. penelope guinea pig hamster lover says:

    U can give thos to your ham

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