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Blind, deaf dog rescued from Harpeth River sandbar
"He would not quit licking me with his sewer breath. I didn't care. He was so happy." Massey was still piecing details together Monday, puzzled about how Charlie wound up stranded on a sandbar when she wasn't near the Harpeth River on Saturday.
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In Transit. In Angkor Wat.
A breeze that was about as hot–and about as satisfying–as dog breath moved past us. We continued on to another smaller temple about a mile away and stood in its cool, darkened passageways until we felt we had the energy to ascend it. We moved through …
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Diabetic Alert Dog in Training
"By just smelling Will's breath he can tell whether his blood sugar levels are rising or falling," said Peter Anderson, who owns Agape Pet Services and has been helping train Cutch. The 15-week-old yellow Labrador retriever (named after Pittsburgh
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