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Summertime Inspiration // Bubby and Bean
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I’m not going to waste your time going on and on about my love affair with summer.  My regular readers already know how much I adore it.  And if you’re a new reader, there’s no need to bore you.  But truth be told, summer officially begins in four short days, and I’ve been catching myself daydreaming about pretty much every wonderfully stereotypical summer moment in existence.  You know what I’m talking about: sunshine pouring down onto rivers filled with bathing suit clad friends on rafts, picnics with juicy peaches and watermelon and vibrant colors and lots of gingham, bare feet dancing in the dirt to late night music under starry skies, yellow bicycles and flower crowns and lemonade and ethereal lighting in all its glory.  And lots of images like those you see above, most of which can be found on my Summertime Pinterest board.  (Yep, just like with plants, I have a whole board devoted to my most beloved of seasons.)

If you’re a summer girl like I am, I hope that these images get you pumped for the best time of the year.  And if you’re one of those non-summer people (I promise I love you despite our differences), I hope they remind you that even in the greatest heat and most blinding of sun rays, there are some pretty incredible moments to be had in the sweet summertime.

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