Treat – Roar

Artist: Treat Album: Coup De Grace Title: Roar Lyrics: I keep my eyes to the sky, ears to the ground Gonna learn to fly at the speed of sound If this is all …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Treat – Roar

  1. StanJrProductions says:

    Who else is here because of Monster Galaxy?

  2. C. S. Brooks says:

    My name is Tasteless, With me is Artosis, and this is the GSL Code S.

  3. Shariff Patrick says:

    Thanks Monster Galaxy.

  4. john ornelas says:


  5. Casey Bateman says:

    This song is the best thanks for shortening the beginning 

  6. Jem Pelayo says:

    me too

  7. downey gorham says:

    Wau,,great song,great vocal,heja sweden! fan from finland.

  8. Katrina Christine Bersamina says:

    i like this song… its so cool..and i like it because of monster galaxy.

  9. Mike Jordan says:

    this song is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Dzodie says:

    Admit You came Here For Ready To Roar Or Monster Galaxy

  11. Dzodie says:

    And I mean The part Where It Sings Ready To Roar Give It one More Shot

  12. BlackwingDrake says:

    I’d say this is a Code S level song.

  13. SSJ1Igor says:

    I came here because of Dragon Fucking Ball Z. Aint no thing as powerful!
    well maybe this song ;]

  14. Gabriel Jorge says:

    GB brought me here

  15. Mirikajikaari says:

    One does not simply insult the sweetest guy ever.

  16. Koen Hoeijmakers says:


  17. DGRAYMANx5andahalf says:

    Greetings from youtube. =P

  18. ShiroiKage009 says:

    Yes Tasteless and we have some great match-ups today.

  19. Tsumefan2 says:

    i thought it was ready to roll ready to rock

  20. soberorhigh says:

    SEMPER FI ready to roar, ready or not ready to give it all I’ve got gotta
    live to win, get up get out, get even READY TO ROAR

  21. Darkillusioninc says:

    GSL brought me here

  22. xNepsteR says:


  23. MrHunkerjr says:


  24. nbK. says:

    Well the events of the past few days just proved you wrong! :(

  25. Tom Haywood says:

    It does say rock later on does it not? “Ready to Roar! Ready to Rock!”

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