Wisdom Tooth Extraction

I work at a Dental Clinic and i needed a wisdom tooth removed. So, here is the video of a soft tissue wisdom tooth removal. All it took was some numbing anes…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to Wisdom Tooth Extraction

  1. Robert Ranweiler says:

    2 more months until i go through with this… only with 4 teeth….*:)*

  2. Sima Yi says:

    1:27 WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!

  3. robbcrx says:

    Those who remove their widom teeth dont live as long as those that leave
    them in. 

  4. Riot Videos says:

    tomorrow is my day !

  5. Vladimir FMedina says:

    Was it really painful???..

  6. LoneSoul06 says:

    God, wisdom teeth are buried deep. So what happens with the bottomless pit
    left behind in your gum?

  7. Kuroshi Yamiro says:

    once opon a time God is making Human blueprint
    and Satan come to visit and says to God
    ”look over there!”
    and than as God turn his back, He quickly added Wisdom tooth to the

  8. Babby Babbyson says:

    Wow this looks like a horror story.
    My wisdom teeth removal was almost painless, the only real pain was from
    the needles to numb the area, and that only hurts for a second anyway.

  9. MrCitrusfruitz says:

    I just love to start the day watching this video..☺

  10. sarauniyaGH says:

    What the actual f…… I’m getting all 4 out 8 AM tomorrow…. Now brb,
    gonna go cry.

  11. Erik C says:

    Honestly this is the best way to do it. I got mine pulled out by my
    Dentist, and it was so painless. I was eating solid foods 2 days later. I
    had barely any swelling too 

  12. fnovax says:

    how come some surgeons cut open the gum and this surgeon just “pulls” it

  13. thatonefurr fursuiter says:

    I have to get mine out pretty soon :( the dentist said I am going to be his
    youngest at age 15 save me lol

  14. firewater1083 says:

    How long does the swelling last?

  15. Sam R says:

    perfect mouth for fucking oral

  16. Toby dog says:

    Just got them out today all 4 of them.

    The shots are slightly painful( depends on your pain tolerance levels)

    And the rest for me was REALLY uncomfortable and maybe teeny tiny bit of

  17. Teslalabor says:

    very hot bitch

  18. ThuWin Internall says:

    Had my tooth pulled and been sick days after. 

  19. UltraGaivalas says:

    i had this operation last summer and experienced deep existential crisis

  20. HighRollerHydra says:

    Yeesh. Good thing I got mine done 7 years ago.

  21. Apple Fan Boy says:

    I got mine done 3 years ago didn’t hurt one bit.

  22. Titronnica says:

    I had all 4 removed the other day, other than some swelling and a little
    pain, it wasn’t too terrible. The worst part was not being able to eat
    properly lol

  23. Andy Davies says:

    I think I’m going to need one of mine out soon as it’s getting problematic,
    this vid kinda grossed me of though. It looks like the dentist is just
    hacking away at your tooth. 

  24. Leopold Stotch says:

    I’m not scared of the aching or anything, I’m scared of the needle they use
    to numb your mouth.

  25. Pheebs Lessore says:

    omg, i have to have this done…does it hurt…someone please answer!!! so

  26. thisisgoat101 says:

    stop lieing to your kids tooth fairy is fake and santa claus is fake

  27. Binweevils millythesilly7 says:

    she lost the very back one, its never gonna grow back because your’re not
    supposed to lose them and the reason it fell out is because she never took
    care of it properly 

  28. M Kuntz says:

    I’ve lost 16 teeth im 10. I have one thats really loose

  29. Katelynpetter says:

    Omg at 6:38 shay almost said”imagine if a giant baby was pussing your car 

  30. Kirstin Bell says:

    My molars were last to come out and they came out when i was 9 or 10 and
    when i was 11 i lost all my baby teeth

  31. Heather Crawford says:

    6:38 he almost said pussy omg lol xD

  32. Hannahbannanaxoxo says:

    This is my rescue when I stress :) 

  33. Draktand01 says:

    I can almost feel the pain

  34. What's up it monica says:

    Do the creep lol

  35. rachael street says:

    thisisgoat 101 shut up they are real you don’t no

  36. Mitzi Ojendis says:

    thisisgoat101 that will ruin there childhood

  37. Piggy Power says:

    why do people do this to children ?

  38. Nikka Denicenko says:

    I get 100$ each tooth

  39. Elizabeth Serina says:

    Some kids want to believe and I’m ten. Yea..I caught my dad with the tooth
    fairy but I still love to believe….Why can’t YOU believe like some

  40. TheKittykat2002 . says:

    Im8and lost all my baby teeth

  41. Jazmin Colon says:

    Is that there real name?

  42. Nya Daniels says:

    When you pull those type of teeth it hurts really bad

  43. Alexandra Rodriguez says:

    Is your name Colette or katilette

  44. Jodie Kormanski says:

    Is rocktard annoying

  45. Carlos Raquel says:

    i lost 8 teeth

  46. James Babcock says:

    teach your kids discipline

  47. ShayTards Rebellionites says:

    It DOES snow in L.A.! Frosted Flakes even :) #SHAYTARDS

  48. Bella Urzua says:

    I’ve lost 18 teeth in total I’ve had 11 teeth pulled by a dentist and the
    rest fell out

  49. katelie astorga says:

    I like it better when shay Has no bred

  50. Paula Cikota says:


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