Big Captain Fish Gambia 2011

Monster Captainfish caught by Mark Gordon 7th Jan 2011 in Gambia River from Malcolm Green’s Greenies “Magic Moments” Filmed by Joe Duncan.

This Pier is known for big fish of all kinds, even Sail fish, huge Permit, Amber Jack, Cobia, Big Snook, Cuda, even Black Fin Tuna have been found here, and …

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28 Responses to Big Captain Fish Gambia 2011

  1. Apsey boy says:

    top captain m8!

  2. Mark Gordon says:

    Thanks mate was a great fight and a fantastic fish!

  3. Abdel A. says:

    worth the effort mate! good job

  4. Thailand Living says:

    mmm, that was a beauty. Too big for the slot eh? There are few things
    better eating than snook. Let me see, Sheepies, and wahoo come to mind. Not
    much else better! Oh, well, tuna… of course.

  5. MVNRAY says:

    when you fish with live bait do you still use a pyramid sinker

  6. joseph clark says:

    i bet if u never said iny thing to that guy he woud have had like 10 big
    snook in his cooler

  7. omar morales says:

    What kind of net Is that cuz I want one

  8. Javier Soto says:


  9. snooksoul says:

    Sorry about that..thought you where part of the where just
    random fliming..Well I see people everyday target snook at the pier all
    closed season,dont use the drop net to release and they flip them..just
    thought you where part of that crowd..that fish wasnt doing to good on the

  10. Alex Jhonson says:

    The guy in the blue shirt should watch whare he puts his hands around those
    gill plates he’s lucky the snook didn’t do a head jerk otherwise he’d have
    a pretty cut up hand

  11. nukinfuts1000 says:

    I highly doubt you can catch wahoo on a pier

  12. zebraman777333 says:

    better lick with live shrimp for that, but bring a gold Gotcha plug, and
    that can land Maks well

  13. snooksoul says:

    you killed that one..why target in closed think it lived
    because it swam off..usally die withing 48hrs or predator fish takes them
    out..because they have spent themselves fighting on your line..they are in
    spawn..put your rods down for 3 months or target something else

  14. zebraman777333 says:


  15. zebraman777333 says:

    Yes most of the guys and ladies that fish the Juno pier are good people :)

  16. zebraman777333 says:

    OK number one, I DID NOT CATCH IT, so I did not kill anything, number two,
    NO ONE WAS TARGETING THEM, there where kings, Black fin, big bonito, and
    Cobia hitting that day, NO ONE was targeting Snook, and no this fish was
    fine, I have been fish for a great many years and snook do live after a
    fight on 80 pound test, this was not a 20 pound test fight, so before you
    insult someone and try to tell them anything make sure you know what was
    really going on!

  17. zebraman777333 says:

    it is big old fish honey LOL

  18. PBFRvideo says:

    good pier snook

  19. louis b says:

    very nice release!!! , handled very well , I wish anyone who sees the way u
    guys were quick and handled fish with care can learn from this release, way
    to go!!! . that fish was very nice to see,… btw nice snook!!

  20. zebraman777333 says:

    all matters to what you want to catch, and what is there and in season, a
    good all around bait for most fish on piers is live shrimp

  21. 00paloy says:

    that fish look about to die

  22. zebraman777333 says:

    with that add the w. w w you tube part and you will have the link

  23. zebraman777333 says:

    message us back and let us know how you did

  24. zebraman777333 says:

    I like to have a mix with me of live and dead bait, live shrimp, pin fish,
    and goggle eye, dead bait, squid, and some kind of cut bait like finger
    mullet, and I would have a few spoons heavy ones, and gotchas , and some
    king of fat rat deep diver, and you should have 15-30lbs test, with heavier
    leader 30-60lbs, I use Owner hooks myself, they hook very well, have a few
    sizes with you, 1/0,2/0,4/0 and a few very small too.

  25. zebraman777333 says:


  26. zebraman777333 says:

    watch?v=Rzv000oiayM this is just a Cobia, but I hear many say it can not be
    from a pier too, but here it is, I will find more with Wahoo too

  27. zebraman777333 says:

    but yes I fully understand how it is on that pier, and many others, I
    myself never fish for them out of season, but youtube viewers like to see
    fish, and when I see a catch, I film it for them, but this guy used a pier
    net up and down, so not to bad.

  28. Alex Jhonson says:

    My bad the guy in the green shirt

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