Shift Team General Trevor Dunbar Senior Year Mixtape!!

Here’s Shift Team General Trevor Dunbar of Saint Ignatius High School showing his Major improvement since the summer of 2013. Currently a unsigned senior, we…
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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30 Responses to Shift Team General Trevor Dunbar Senior Year Mixtape!!

  1. Shift Team HQ says:

    Shift Team General Trevor Dunbar Senior Year Mixtape.
    Tell us your favorite part, Like & Subscribe to show support!
    We don’t know what the future holds, time will tell.

  2. Bclod1 says:

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    youtube. I have put in effort, money, and time to create great videos for
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  3. CjStayGrinding says:

    how is this kid not college worthy

  4. Raid God says:

    Lets be honest…. This guy over does passing by looking away and sticking
    his hands out.

  5. Jay Ro says:

    he ain’t better than Aquille Carr…

  6. DjGoGo09 says:

    great player and teammate. great vision. i dont care what anyone says, a
    player like that should make it to the nba

  7. TheLKA says:

    Dude’s sick! But I don’t like how he points at a player after he breaks
    their ankles, kind of unsportsmanlike. 

  8. clutchmamba says:

    dude is so lucky he created this Shift Team thing, because it turned into a
    channel and now they partnered with BallIsLife. If this kid didnt have this
    much publicity and connections, he wouldnt be even considered to go D1(idk
    if he’s got offers or is ready now, though). this kind of exposure is a
    life saver for his basketball career

  9. lante07 says:

    If homie doesn’t get recruited to where is his talent pool is, he should
    walk on and earn a scholarship. You can never have enough PGs… especially
    ones who can handle like this. I bet there’s very few D1 players now that
    can stay in front of this guy

  10. Seb says:

    i like this guy he actualy pass the ball :D 

  11. 24tyweezy says:

    Is this video sped up or is this kid really this fast? Lol

  12. BreezyHorn says:

    does shift team general even have a college offer?

  13. jerel gutter says:

    I like him but my boy mickey Mitchell a lil better that height gonna make
    it tough for him playin d1 

  14. Ballin Too says:

    play smack like isiah Thomas from the kings!!!!!

  15. Jared Banks says:

    Didn’t he have a brother? lol It’s like Mello dropped off the face of the
    earth you don’t even hear about him no more lol

  16. Kevin Love says:

    He really has become a great passer.

  17. 2 Couzz Reviews says:

    yo wats the song I love it for some reason

  18. iWang815 says:

    Sick mixtape. Any idea where he’s gonna go for college?

  19. Perfectionistxxx says:

    The next Chris Paul 

  20. TOXiic Death 366 says:

    im kinda surprised about all the white guys on his team

  21. kevin miles says:

    Is it hibernation season for college recruiters cause they sleeping on my
    dude Trevor 

  22. TheJaydreamer says:

    Why is this dude only ranked #135 according to ESPN yet has 7 mixtapes..?
    It seems like he is built off of hype.

  23. Marc Driftmeyer says:

    Ernie Kent has him now in the Pac 12 at WSU.

  24. QuietstormRB says:

    Flashy Passer
    Ankle Breaker
    Shot Creator
    Floor General

  25. NikeTrackField12 says:

    this shit just makes you go ooooooooh!

  26. Blessing Ugbo says:

    So funny,thanks

  27. richeal okpokk says:

    so funny..nice

  28. isatu bangura says:


  29. Eigbokhan Faith says:

    so sweet….smile

  30. RealnollyTv Nollywood says:

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