3.) Dog Breath Variations/Uncle Meat- Frank Zappa and Ensemble Modern- The Yellow Shark

Frank Zappa / Ensemble Modern The Yellow Shark Alte Oper, Frankfurt, Germany 17 sept 1992 1h 29mn 22s (trailer + intro: 2mn) 1. Classica Trailer 2. Overture 3. Dog/Meat 4. Outrage at Valdez 5. Times Beach II 6. III (Revised) 7. Magnesium Dress 8. Be-Bop Tango 9. Food Gathering 10. Ruth is Sleeping 11. Amnerika 12. None of the Above pt1 13. Pentagon Afternoon 14. Times Beach III 15. Welcome to the United States 16. Pound for a Brown 17. Get Whitey 18. G-Spot Tornado A Zappateers Production – www.zappateers.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Filmed live at Jubilee in downtown Asheville, NC on January 3, 2010.

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32 Responses to 3.) Dog Breath Variations/Uncle Meat- Frank Zappa and Ensemble Modern- The Yellow Shark

  1. Kefka0630 says:

    WTF? 1983? This is from the 1969 album Uncle Meat…. It’s a different arrangement of said piece, but still, it’s in it’s basic form it’s still the same 1969 composition. It appeared in the “Dog/Meat” form as early as The Grand Wazoo tour in 1972!

    Title card errors aside, this is still superb! One of my favorite pieces ever by anyone. Great to see the full orchestral version of it!

  2. pablo6733 says:

    i think all of his heroes would have saluted this piece as a work of genius, Stravinsky most of all (just my guess).
    and off course, the people that then and now are still inspired buy this exciting and even funny piece.
    I really hope that Frank knew that before he left us. RIP

  3. MsTapenade says:

    Did zappa know music to compose his “ensemble” works? Of course he did, but HOW MUCH?

  4. matkas1000 says:

    I´vd seen it live in Frankfurt and it was a big pleasure, it´s nonsens to talk about , Pierre Boulez is one of the greatest Musicans in the 20 th Centurie, F.Z. as well. Beethoven´s 9 th is in the 4 th set not written by him, that´s the reason it´s called ´´Die unvollendete´´ It is written from a eleve of Beethoven in workship with Friedrich von Schiller. And about playing an instrument,Zappa sayed about Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top) : He don´t play gitarre he speaks it

  5. H4RM0N1C5 says:

    Get a room you two for fuck sakes

  6. mattd12guitar says:

    i cried watching this

  7. OpethToolMetallica says:

    Apparently I didn’t understand it as such, and it’s arrogant to interpret it as meaning there was something special in being able to play it? That doesn’t make much sense.

    Kirk’s wah usage nowadays is not very tasteful but he’s still more capable on technical aspect than Adam Jones, and he did write some great solo’s. Trujillo doesn’t even come close to being a Burton ripoff, his style is actually quite different – don’t talk nonsense. Trujillo is a more capable player than Chancellor as well.

  8. ivarthurvi says:

    Why are people trashing this after searching it up?

    Better question, why are people trashing other artists that people like who are trashing this artist?

    Third question… Do I, as a musician, want to even allow this world to even hear my music after seeing what “fans” do to music after it’s created.

  9. jackoe123 says:

    Obviously he was just expressing how good he thought the orcestra members were and you are just an arrogant person for assuming otherwise. “The guitarist and bassist have greater technical abilities” that’s a joke. Kirk Hammett is a horrible guitarist who just uses wah to make his solos sound faster, really I can show you a video or three of him screwing up simple songs or not playing up to tempo. Oh and Trujillo? yeah, he’s a Cliff Burton ripoff with only the speed and not the skill to write.

  10. OpethToolMetallica says:

    “A skilled and diverse orchestra” only has meaning in a relative sense. So he did imply that, or he just made a meaningless statement. And is there anything relevant in the second part of your comment to what I said? I’m not really interested in the fact that you have a basic level of common sense, neither in your uninformed opinion of those three bands, as the guitarists and bass player in Metallica DO have greater technical abilities than those of Tool, but both have good songwriters.

  11. jackoe123 says:

    Did he ever even say it takes more skill to play this then another classical piece? Also, good musicians could excel in one variant of music and lack in another. My friend can’t read a lick of music but can play classical guitar and progressive rock drums very well while his brother can read music and can only play bass. It is all about the persons technique and patience, no one in Metallica could play anywhere near this level. Although, Opeth and Tool are very talented bands.

  12. MikeRoePhonicsMusic says:

    I just noticed at the very end that they have 2 pianos on stage. Oh, Lawdy! lol

  13. Kennynynyny says:

    yep but composed for a king (Frédéric-Guillaume III de Prusse), it is not the real start, is neoclassicisme,
    i prefere “petrouchka”…. or “the bird of fire” (is this the way to say it in english?? lol) and i don’t like beethoven, and i’m a music lover so… ^^ thanks to respect the music lovers who don’t like beethoven, like me, and like zappa….

  14. MikeRockanroll says:

    Beethoven’s 9th is from the romantic period

  15. voicesinmehead says:

    i’d love to hear an orchestral rendition of king kong

  16. Kennynynyny says:

    zappa don’t listening the classical period, only néoclassicisme, romantique, and contemporain period…. the classical period mean tender of songwriter to the king for him :)

  17. Evster2012 says:

    It’s so tragic that he was dying of prostate cancer when this was performed and couldn’t conduct the entire performance. A true musical genius!

  18. Kolliain says:

    I agree, and would like to add to your list:
    Shostakovich’s 7th ;-)

  19. hamburg205 says:

    Even today ahead of his time.

  20. dollhaus1 says:

    Why talk about Metallica or metal on a Zappa compostion. Metallica or anybody else can’t
    compete with Zappa’s genius.

  21. panamaredone says:

    I must be an idiot, and Idiot Bastard Son. “No good musician not to mention a musician in an orchestra would excel in (classical) music of type A and be unfamiliar to type B.” You still don’t understand my original point. If you repeat the same action with a high frequency, regardless of the task, you will begin to excel at it. Remember the first time you tried to do something you have currently mastered, you didn’t do it well, right?

  22. OpethToolMetallica says:

    It’s you that’s the idiot indeed, and you’re trying to hide it by saying I’m stupid because of my name – and only imbeciles resort to fallacies like that. An idiot because you failed to make any logical or relevant point. What you’re saying (almost) never applies to the real world. No good musician not to mention a musician in an orchestra would excel in (classical) music of type A and be unfamiliar to type B. Think before you post, or don’t if you can’t.

  23. panamaredone says:

    So you are saying that if a group has played the same Metallica song over 100 times and you present that same group of musicians a song by the Mars Volta that they are not familiar with, they will be able to pull it off the same way they did with the Metallica song that they probably know by heart? And with the same ease? That is all I was saying… Wasting time on a Metallica fan, stupid me.

  24. OpethToolMetallica says:

    That’s a rather unconvincing response, the instrumentation is quite similar to other 20nd century classical music. Even if it were different, that itself still wouldn’t mean it would be difficult to play.

  25. panamaredone says:

    Well, this piece isn’t well known, rendering it unusual and difficult for your average orchestra member. It is easier to play what you have played many times.

  26. janiestu says:

    my children all learned this song in school and since I sub’ed a lot I learned it too, now my grandchild is starting school and I ask his teacher and she said he will be learning it as well!!
    A song for the generations, how fun. I love it !!!!!

  27. 142Hawk says:

    OH, MY GOD!

    I was JUST outside, playing with my puppy. Out of nowhere, this song popped into my head. I was around three, four years old, when this cool, cool guy visited my elementary school & performed this for us wee ones. It’s been over twenty-five years, yet, I’ve NEVER forgotten this song.

    One of my earliest memories?


    Hawksmoor…From The Bleed.

  28. sleexer says:

    this guy sang this to us in like 1986. write a new song buddy!

  29. rockrgirl31 says:

    Probably so! I remember him coming to Truman Elementry in Norman Oklahoma when I was way, way little. :) Haha

  30. redwolfmatt says:

    when i was little (i think) he came to my elementary school x3 like really really little. westwood elementary in lawton oklahoma some time in the mid 90′s. i actually still got the CD that has this song on it! still listen to it too!

  31. Lena Nahanee says:


  32. kathys0damfresh says:

    omg i luv howard!

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