Orapup “Dog Breath” Brush

This is my review of Orapup “Dog Breath” Brush which claims to cure bad breath in dogs. I found Orapup to work and my dog absolutely loved licking the “licki…

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6 Responses to Orapup “Dog Breath” Brush

  1. ASP21 says:

    Cooper is just so cute.
    Cool product, I bet a teaspoon or two of liverwurst would work well on the
    scraper too…..

  2. Tyler Rider says:

    Beef yeah BACON yes thank thank thankkkkk you hahaha that’s what he’s
    thinking lol

  3. wjb111 says:

    Thanks for the review.

    Cooper looks like a cool dog.

    My staffie looks just like him but with brown and white. 

  4. Red Quoll says:

    Haha your dog is loving it mate.

  5. ThrowingBrick says:

    Proof that it isn’t the breed of dogs it’s the owner. 

  6. Zanib Almarifawi says:

    How about a CAT ORABRUSH

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