mr peanut gets his after bath treat

mr peanut has his feline greenies treat after he gets his weekly bath.

McDreamy the seal point mitted Ragdoll cat tried four new treats and only likes one…he tried Greenies (Digestive Health), Natural Balance (Salmon), Natures…
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7 Responses to mr peanut gets his after bath treat

  1. Greenies says:

    We think Mr. Peanut is PRECIOUS! Glad he likes his Greenies. Thanks for

  2. Natalia Delano says:

    I give Snow White treats after her bath too, lol!

  3. BakaTenshi1975 says:

    My Ragdoll Oppa loves that jerky as well.

  4. Christmas Everyday says:

    Oh, McDreamy didn’t even try the freeze dried ones…he just sniffed ‘em.
    Thank you for your feedback! You have a valid concern about the
    sharpness…I hadn’t thought of that…I looked at some reviews and they
    were all good…maybe I’ll just watch the batches that we get to make sure
    they’re fresh, therefore might be a little softer…also, I could take my
    kitchen scissors to cut them into tinier pieces. By the way, the other
    flavors are tilapia and salmon.

  5. Floppycats says:

    oh,i thought he ate some of them off the bat. you know you can always write
    manufacturers and ask them for a sample. say something like you have a
    picky cat and want to know if it will work. They will sometimes send you a
    small sample. Have you tried Whole Life yet? I hated to say something
    negative when he finally liked the jerky – but those cat/dog jerky treats
    are so sharp – unlike human jerky that has a bit of a bend to it. My mom
    has given her dogs that Vitality Jerky too.

  6. Floppycats says:

    Thanks for helping me out by doing a response! My cats usually barf from
    raw freeze dried, so that’s good that he didn’t – means his gut flora is
    better. Oh oh! i like his back paws! I have not seen those – great
    markings! Hmmm on the jerky treats…those concern me because of the
    sharpness of them. You might see what reviews are like online.

  7. JennifersBar Miller says:

    I love the darkness of these ragdolls. I only have the one that is dark.
    Then 2 lynx and one lighter big boy. My baby is Dream.

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