Video Captures EXACTLY How Cops Treat Black People

“A cell phone video posted to YouTube this week shows a St. Paul police officer roughing up a black man who was apparently doing nothing more than sitting in the skyway, waiting to pick up…

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42 Responses to Video Captures EXACTLY How Cops Treat Black People

  1. Elizabeth Paul says:

    I’m sorry but why is it so hard to just give them your id? A lot of these
    videos I see are people who refuse to either give their id or won’t listen
    and let them do their job. I understand there’s issues with race sometimes
    but I just don’t see that here. Plus we didn’t hear why she was stopping

  2. Zondares says:

    The black dude pulled the race card and chose to be a dick. Thats what you
    get you fucking retard. The cops would have done the same to some crack
    head white person.

  3. Roi Lion says:

    should have just showed his id to the pig and avoid all this mess.

  4. LP KING says:

    Hay YT. I love u guys. I watch u guys o the daily for real but can u Start
    maybe posting stuff about the good shit cops do. Cuz all this bad shit is a
    small percentage of what cops do everyday. They save lives everyday.
    Weather they are a good cop or a bad cop they Know everyday that they put
    there vest on they they might go die for a community that does not respect
    them. I think you should stop being so one-sided about things and start
    uploading evenly. Don’t be like fox 

  5. 狼ⱲØĹɣζ狼|狼ζɣĹØⱲ狼 says:

    Also, it would be like if some random guy was standing out side of your
    house. You go out to ask them why they’re there. They say “im picking up
    my kids” if you asked him to prove it, and he denies it what would you do.

  6. mmarieden says:

    No matter what the circumstance, whenever I’ve been asked to show my ID, I
    showed it. The man was recording because he wanted a scene, and he could
    very easily have shown the woman who he was, to avoid that scene. Who cares
    why she was asking for ID. Cops do that. It’s annoying. Maybe she was
    asking solely because he was black, but plenty of white people are asked to
    show ID and most people don’t say “no”. 

  7. Ōkami-san says:

    The irony is, you can’t have a Progressive Socialist paradise without the
    Police State there to steal your money, violate your rights, and cram the
    State’s ‘Progressive Ideals’ down your throat – for the Good of Society.

    Progressive Socialism and Police State go together like hand in glove. 

  8. lolzinjo12 says:

    if police ask you who you are you need to tell them who you are. There is
    no “If you’re not doing something illegal you don’t have to provide that
    information to them”.You must Show THEM A FUCKING ID.

  9. greg loosli says:

    I have been I.D’d a few times in public.
    If someone complains about your presence, the cops must investigate the
    Show your I.D. and stop playing your race cards…
    Too deny the Police your simple I.D. is a crime!

  10. JBroMCMXCI says:

    is he STUPID ??!! just give them YOUR ID and they won’t bother you any more

  11. TheVinster17 says:

    Is anyone else getting sick of the anti-white people shit going down in the
    news all the time now. Yeah, I’m white. No I’m not sorry. No I won’t
    apologize that your great-great grandfather was a slave. No I don’t really
    care. No I’m not silently judging you. No I was not handed everything on a
    silver platter. Fuck off. Get a job.

  12. SwuaveWEB says:

    What part of any of this has anything to do with race? You guys are fucking
    idiots. This happens to white people all the time as well… Yet you’re not
    reporting on that calling it racist. Stupid race baiting channel… Go
    youtube police abuse… most of it is against white people. I’m tired of
    everytime something involves a black person, race is brought into it.
    You’re the racist assholes, and so is the guy going “Duuh is it because i’m

  13. Dylan Woolley says:

    I very rarely side with the police, however in this case I believe both
    were at fault.

    The police shouldn’t be pestering someone who’s just sitting down.

    He should provide his name and address to police officers and should not
    resist an arrest. 

  14. Bogdan Florin says:

    What law did he break? And on what grounds was he arrested? 

  15. EasySnake says:

    Jon: what would you have done in that situation?
    me in that situation:
    Female Cop: I want to find out who you are, can you give me your ID?
    Me: Sure here you go mama.

    And 99% of the time the encounter would be over. If its not over and they
    insist on taking me in I get their badge number and Sue the crap out of the
    city after they take me in and let me go.

  16. Jon Anusel says:

    Black people have only themselves to blame. No one else. Don’t commit
    crimes more than any other group and there wouldn’t be any problems.

  17. John Malkovich says:

    Human beings should not be cops, doctors, soldiers, firemen, physical
    laborers or drivers- those are the jobs that should be given to robots as
    soon as possible.

    Robots are unbiased, incorruptible, incapable of making a mistake, they
    don’t get tired or angry and you can’t fucking argue with them.

    If I had to have a surgery performed on me, I’d much rather have a robot
    surgeon than a human surgeon who might be a habitual cocaine user who’s
    spent the last 5 nights wide awake with 2 colombian prostitutes because his
    wife had left him to go to France with his neighbor.
    I’d much rather be stopped by a robot cop than a human cop who might be
    either tired, or frustrated, or a trigger happy angry racist who can’t wait
    to use his weapon at a slightest sign of possible struggle.

    Let’s just hope that Ray Kurzweil is right, and that we’ll have advanced
    humanoid robots by the year 2045 to save us from ourselves. 

  18. thug sodier says:

    TYT listen… if I call the police on you saying you are suspicious, the
    police have the right to make sure you are not a threat by asking few
    1: who are you and what are you doing there.

    Remember someone called the cops, they are only making sure he is not is
    threat by few question.

    Failing to cooperate will back the person that called the cops opinion. You
    have rights and some don’t apply to police. If police say don’t stand in
    this spot… even if your right says you can stand on any spot, the police
    have authority to invoke such law.

  19. IanGroganFilms says:

    Seriously fuck this country. Im sick of it. Innocent people being bullied
    by the police just because they’re black. 

  20. tomatodamashi says:

    This hurts my soul after watching this. I am literally in tears after this.
    What the fuck is wrong with these fucking police????

  21. jnjoblon says:

    Accurate title would be:
    Video Captures EXACTLY How (ONE PARTICULAR) Cop Treated (ONE PARTICULAR)
    Black Person
    TYT is OFFICIALLY the left wing version of FOX News… congratulations!!!!

  22. steve gill says:

    This is fucking stupid! I’m a black young man. I’ve stop a few times just
    walking down the street and ask the same thing, because I fit the
    description. Did I get all pissed. No, because I know I had nothing to
    hide. I followed what I was told, and the situation was quickly over, and
    went about my day. Who fault is it that us as black people celebrate being
    gangster, goons, thugs, ghetto fabaous and call each other nigga? 

  23. frepi says:

    I wouldn’t call it white privilege but black disadvantage. Police routinely
    go out of their way and are overzealous when it comes to black men.

  24. SpeakDahTruth says:

    This shows how much America is scum. I’m glad I don’t live there. If I did
    I would migrate 

  25. zkeierea says:

    He coulda just given the cop his fucking name and she wouldnt of felt to
    pick on him. That pissed her off.

  26. Heart Breaker 2014 says:


  27. mygirl49 says:

    Daig pa ni kuya Kim si Billy. Matanda na pero may abs padin si Billy ang
    taba na ulit. 

  28. ABS-CBN Online says:
  29. Dave Bisarra says:

    Nakakahiya mga batang host. Si kuya kim na lage nilang inaasar ng tanda, eh
    siya ang my abs. Hahaha

  30. meerzeyl Zamora says:

    Laugh laugh key kuya Kim!

  31. marilou loayon says:

    Abs n kuya kim superb

  32. ana trino says:

    Naks naman feeling bagetz c billy

  33. Lanie Yang says:


  34. Shiela Rubi says:

    Ahhh kakilig nman! Tnx showtime bicol complete my day! Ahhhhh so great to
    be inloveeee!

  35. Ken Ken says:

    Nice kuya kim:-)

    Sorry sa kantang “all of me” naiinis ako dyan so korny!!
    But I like Bicol they are cute;-)

  36. mary ann lumingkit says:

    BICOL 4-ever <3

  37. Lanie Yang says:

    Nice ans kuya kim

  38. Shiela Rubi says:

    Ahhh kakilig nman! Tnx showtime bicol complete my day! Ahhhhh so great to
    be inloveeee!

  39. Ken Ken says:

    Nice kuya kim:-)

    Sorry sa kantang “all of me” naiinis ako dyan so korny!!
    But I like Bicol they are cute;-)

  40. Lanie Yang says:

    Nice ans kuya kim

  41. Shiela Rubi says:

    I love dat song! So bagay kayo tlaga!kakilig nman, bicol complete my day

  42. Shiela Rubi says:

    I love dat song! So bagay kayo tlaga!kakilig nman, bicol complete my day

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