Anesthesia Free Pet Teeth Cleaning

Why choose anesthesia-free dental cleaning for your pet? The SAFER option: zero anesthesia or other drugs used means safety from potentially harmful side eff…
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dog teeth cleaning Slideshow: How to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth – Pets – WebMD Keep your dog’s t…
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26 Responses to Anesthesia Free Pet Teeth Cleaning

  1. Cindy Lloyd says:

    Visit our web site to see our up-dated procedures. We have thousands of
    satisfied customers.

  2. John Ross says:

    PROBLEM – what about the disease BELOW the gumlines – this practice looks
    great and “feels good” (outside and all with aromatherapy) but they are
    missing the largest portion of dental disease – whats below the gums. I
    have had to extract abscessed upper fourth premolars in dogs who had been
    getting anesthesia free dentals – oops – missed the big picture. They dont
    clean peoples teeth this way and we shouldnt expect less for our best

  3. Jackson Dog says:

    This is VERY unsafe. It is a cosmetic procedure and does not address issues
    under the gum line. No good exam, no probing, no getting anywhere close
    enough under the gums, risky restraint, and a false sense of good oral
    health because the teeth are white… What is happening on the visible
    surface, when scraped off, can no longer be a gage of oral health. More
    bacteria is swallowed, more risk of aspirating, risk of oral damage, etc.

  4. John Ross says:

    @Cindy- a child or adult needs to have their subgingival space scaled – in
    people we can work with them – ask them to be still – have Mommy shake a
    toy – not so in dogs and certainly not in cats and WHERE are cats in your
    video – forget about them? Lets see you all post a video of you outside on
    the pillows with a couple of cats with FORLs. I can understand using this
    technique you have here as an adjunct to a general dentistry – but on its
    own – it is NOT ultimately benefiting the patient or pet owner. Its just a
    feel good, kumbaya, lets all hug method which on its own does not go far

  5. Amazon Animal Hospital and Laser Therapy Center says:

    We will be doing Anesthesia Free Dentals at Amazon Animal Hospital on Nov.
    8th 2012

  6. secretlakedog says:

    Colorado (and most states as far as I’m aware) place dentistry under the
    classification of the practice of veterinary medicine. This means that only
    a licensed veterinarian, or a technician under the supervision of a
    veterinarian, can perform dental procedures on pets.

  7. Jesse Morton says:

    First, there are many people who brush teeth daily with own pets. I brush
    many, many pets teeth. Yes, most will not let you brush them very much as a
    stranger, just like using a rotary tool for toe nails. BTW, I use rotary
    tool on the nails of most pets with and average of 6 a day. But half of
    them have potential to brush the inner sections of teeth. I can sonicare,
    polish, and scrape my dog’s teeth no problem. Check my video of me and
    Cosmo using Sonicare..

  8. Crimson Kyoko says:

    A proper cleaning can be done without anestesia.However any abstractions
    would be impossible.

  9. David Marsh says:

    Do you have any video documentation of the palatal/lingual surface prophy,
    subgingival curettage, or polishing?

  10. Cindy Lloyd says:

    We only have the 1 video that’s on our website you should watch.

  11. Cindy Lloyd says:

    Hmmm….Tell that to pet owners who consider pets like Family. You’ll
    figure it out someday.

  12. Cindy Lloyd says:

    All the teeth are polished. Dogs are referred back to their own doctors if
    they need work that can not be provided by this method. There is always a
    veterinarian present. Anyone is welcome to come and watch how we do the

  13. Chris Dugar says:

    I think these hippies are giving those dogs DOPE first!

  14. Gerbillfury3 says:

    why is it illegal

  15. Jesse Morton says:

    As a stranger toward a pet, brushing the outside is good practice because
    most of the plaque builds up on the outside. It is where, due to no fiction
    with tongue, plaque needs to be brushed off most often. It is also a good
    way to practice social hygiene skills. Also, scraping is less abrasive than
    an electronic ultrasound scaler. Not to mention that polishing is the act
    of smoothing out the roughness; and thus, damaging the enamel to some

  16. Cindy Lloyd says:

    As a Dental tech for WAI, I have never had such an encounter with any of
    the Dogs, or Cats handled while preforming Anesthesia-Free teeth
    cleanings.It is ignorance, and uneducated people who frown upon this
    procedure. Would you put your child under Anesthesia for a teeth cleaning?
    It would be wise for you to stop into one of our local clinics and observe
    this being done before you criticize something you have never seen done
    before! The Healthy Option and The Safer Option

  17. Seychelle Hoffer says:

    This is ridiculous – any veterinary dentist (or veterinarian worth their
    salt) will tell you that there is just no way a *proper* dental cleaning
    can be performed without the benefit of general anesthesia. The vast
    majority of pets will never allow this anyway! As a DVM, I can see myself
    getting bitten in about 2 seconds attempting this. Most importantly, only
    the outside surface of the tooth is being “cleaned,” not the inside
    surfaces or beneath the gumline. Please talk to your vet about this!

  18. Swaggnito Jackson says:

    lol theres no way my dog would let them do that. i have a feeling those
    drops they put in their mouths is actually a sedetive

  19. DGrieux says:

    Poor dogs are treated like animals :)

  20. WellAnimalInstitute says:

    Well Animal has a licensed veterinarian at every clinic. The teeth are
    cleaned on the inside and out, and under the gum line. We polish the teeth
    when we are through. Many dogs are turned down and referred to their
    veterinarian for dental work who would never have gone in the first place.

  21. hodor says:

    id like to see them try this on my cats….it would be great if it worked.

  22. Jesse Morton says:

    This really isn’t a big deal. What is a big deal is that most people don’t
    try to brush their dog’s teeth everyday.. And wonder why the dog is moody..
    Start out by rubbing the outside of mouth.. Let him sniff toothbrush and
    show him how you do it first. Everyday people bring pets to me because they
    can’t do it.. cradle them and affection. Dremeling nails and using sonicare
    for teeth need good technique. BTW, tracheal tubes, anesthesia machines,
    sedatives, and time asleep is a another subject.

  23. secretlakedog says:

    This practice is illegal and is not going to help your pet’s teeth.

  24. dottidal says:

    What about probing the teeth and cleaning below the gumline, polishing,
    x-rays, and extractions? There is more to dental health than the cosmetic
    appearance of the visible tooth surface.

  25. shell12345678 says:

    awesome way safer than anesthesia thumbs up!!!

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