White Teeth & Bad Breath! (Oral Hygiene Routine)

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25 Responses to White Teeth & Bad Breath! (Oral Hygiene Routine)

  1. Rainbowwhiskers says:

    I chipped my tooth on a slice of pizza…

  2. Emma Crush says:

    I chipped my front teeth on a metal shopping cart. Since then i always take
    the plastic ones! 

  3. Cisco Lopez says:

    What a fucking faggot 

  4. Daisy H says:

    Damn no gag reflex 

  5. summer40001 says:

    lmfao she’s hilarious!

  6. EmileeArsenic says:

    “I have never whitened my teeth!” *proceeds to show a list of whitening
    products used regularly*

  7. Renee Bradley says:

    i chipped my tooth on popcorn …

  8. DeltaDrifter2201 says:

    Wtf I came on here because I thought that was a hot girl… My life has
    been ruined.

  9. Makayla Mann says:

    My brother hit my head on my metal bunk bed and it chipped

  10. Matthijs Gabel says:

    Appearance draws away from the message……

  11. chulita7814 says:

    Lol ur awsome am a dental assistant

  12. Livingboldlynfierce says:

    I was drinking tea and holding my baby when she got curious and reached for
    my teacup. The cup hit my front teeth and knocked the bonding off of one
    tooth. I had gotten my gap bonded close and just sat there with my bonding
    in my palm thinking Damn! I couldn’t even get mad at her though because she
    was so chubby cute and just looked at me like “what?” Still to this day I
    have one front tooth larger than the other.

  13. Josh Mckinnley says:

    I chipped my bottom front tooth and I only chipped off a small corner, but
    whenever I smile, you can see the small corner that chipped off.

  14. Onika Maraj says:

    I chipped my tooth 4 times and it was sticking out so much I felt so

  15. Arman says:

    i chipped my front tooth more than half way

  16. Curtis Clarkson says:

    I chipped mine while accidentally biting on a fork when I went to put the
    foot in my mouth…

  17. Vanessa Gomez says:

    Seriously…you are beautiful!! I am so jealous *-*

  18. ashley ann says:

    your eyes and eye make up is sooooo pretty!

  19. vanillabcsex says:

    30 minutes to an hour? i always have to wait three to four hours after a
    dentist visit!! Dx

  20. xHiMyNameIsx1 says:

    Does anyone else hate those stupid ignorant people that don’t know how to
    keep their comments to themselves? Or is it just me?….

  21. Lauren Hebbert says:

    I chipped my tooth on my boyfriends beer at at a beach party :) 

  22. Chloe Holland says:

    I chipped my right front tooth by sleepwalking so yeah mine was really bad

  23. Maddie Bramer says:

    I chipped my tooth on some chicken

  24. dino dali says:

    that’s a dude speaking and not a women. look at the Adam apple

  25. Tori Birchall says:

    Does Anyone Know If You Can Buy This Tounge Brush In Stores!?

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