Dog Bad Breath | Plaque Attack

Dog Bad Breath | | Bad Dog Breath Plaque Attack Triple Care Dental Spray No more brushing! Results in as little as…

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  1. jon conny says:

    go on amazon and read the customer reviews this product isnt safe and aint
    worth it. of course it works look whats in it. there way smarter and safer
    alternatives this stuff is crap. has caused liver problems even death in
    other animals´╗┐

  2. PissAboutGFX says:

    Awesome video!!! Thumbs up and added to my favourites!

  3. Ying Nene says:

    Awesome…. Where do you get your inspiration?

  4. Claude Houser says:

    nice work, can i use it?

  5. eggieboy3ef says:

    Nice! Do you have twitter? I wanna follow you.

  6. Randall Haynes says:

    WoW this is great

  7. LinkClanUK says:

    i want this!!!

  8. LuciferUKTran says:

    Love your videos, I subscribed :)

  9. undercoverfreak11 says:

    thank u very much

  10. diepha49 says:

    its very hard!

  11. Thanh Nguyen says:

    Where are the most outstanding videos? Wow

  12. RendyshaSongtrack says:

    My eye just got a dose of awesome!

  13. Videolaborbremen says:

    Keep them comming :D

  14. MamadouKoulibaly says:

    you deserve more ratings

  15. MrBetmans says:

    Great keep up the great work.

  16. David Baker says:

    Awesome video!!! Thumbs up and added to my favourites!

  17. DeepDirtyDown says:

    i could watch this a? hundred times!!!

  18. PerfectHackz says:

    you are very cool

  19. TheBigJ1234567 says:

    i put this video on myspace

  20. sjess1019 says:

    How does this not have more views?

  21. Huynh Thinh says:

    this is sickly amazing

  22. tommaloney1239 says:

    Awesome video!

  23. defloydesigns says:

    subscribing and checking out your other vids! KUDOS!

  24. Pala Pablo says:

    Make more videos like this!… PLEASE!

  25. d1skyd says:

    I always wanted to have a talent to make such videos

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