Vitacost Haul – Skincare, Haircare, Petcare, and Food

Let me know what are your tried and true Vitacost favorites. *** Get off your first purchase of or more *** Here are the product…
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  1. dothetwist298 says:

    Honey doesn’t neccesarily have to be in liquid form. The texture of honey
    depends on a lot of factors, like, the type of flowers used, the
    environment where the bees live, etc etc. My grandparents have a… what’d
    you call that in English, an apiary? So I’ve never ever in my life tasted
    store-brought honey. We never add anything to our honey, so it’s 100%
    natural, and the textures differs from time to time. But honey also gets
    thicker as the time goes by, so we tend to eat honey not older than 1,5
    years old. But even when it gets thicker, it doesn’t mean that it becomes
    bad. – just my two cents on honey :) Thanks for the vid! I think I’ll try
    buying stuff from there.

  2. catips111 says:

    Missed ya –BIG TIME!!!!!

  3. kamiseta2002 says:

    Welcome Back!

  4. balmyzzz says:

    Yay another video!

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