Dr Robert Cassar Oral Hygiene: Rebuilding the Gums cleaning the Tongue in HD 2014

Aloha all, In this short lecture video we are going to show you some of the ideas and concepts on ”oral hygiene”. Cleaning the tongue, gums and mouth is es…
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Highly requested! I always get questions on my “teeth routine” so I figured I’d let you know what I do and any other tips for a nicer smile :) ————–…

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50 Responses to Dr Robert Cassar Oral Hygiene: Rebuilding the Gums cleaning the Tongue in HD 2014

  1. Maria Garcia says:

    When did he used the Magnesium??

  2. jeff hunter says:

    you may be right doc, but the number of people who are going to spend
    massive amounts of time cleaning their mouths repeatedly with so many
    ingredients in such an elaborate process daily are few. so all in all
    according to that viewpoint we’re fucked. well that’s a given, thanks for
    the ideas..

  3. sellin birdies says:

    grow the hair backk.. makes you look like you know more of this stuff

  4. xVENZORx says:

    healthiest human alive?

  5. Ali Fazli says:

    New to this guy. White and green onion are bad for you? Who knew. I gotta
    search this info up.

  6. The Broken One says:

    I can’t even get my tongue that clean and I scrape it quite often. But I do
    smoke cannabis everyday.

  7. Zach Tele says:

    Activated charcoal, turmeric, and colloidal silver are worth mentioning for
    natural dental care. Thanks for the continuing videos, very good
    information here. I didn’t know about the niacin and magnesium.

  8. EarthShiftProject.com says:

    Aloha all, In this short lecture video we are going to show you some of the
    ideas and concepts on ”oral hygiene”. Cleaning the tongue, gums and mouth
    is essential to keep your mouth, gums and tongue organ sensors clean and in
    working order. Most people have a dirty tongue, reseeding gums and bad
    smelling mouth because of the gingivitis most people have going on for
    years. Lets stop that the insidious disease that plagues most people from
    eating processed foods such as acidic sugars and liquids. when your tongue
    is dirty with a variety of microorganisms your taste buds are preverted by
    the microbes that control the gut wall. They will tell you if you like what
    you have put into your mouth. Once you clean your tongue you will finally
    feel that what you are tasting is real and perverted by the microbes in the
    mouth that really like sugar and dead food. These microbes main fuel source
    is dead foods and sugar. If you smoke anything its best to clean the mouth,
    tongue and gums after you do. If not their is a nasty residue that stays on
    the surface of the mouth. Clean up your mouth and see the difference that
    it makes now on the food flavor sensing organs that help us stay healthy,
    wealthy, happy and wise.

    Give this simple cleaning a try. Once you clean the tongue and gums a few
    times you will always add this to your daily body and mind hygiene for

    En-joy your journey :) ) Dr r 

  9. hhmil54 says:

    Aloha, Dr. C! i really enjoy your videos and I am learning how to take care
    of my gums and it has been a long journey of listening to dentist
    prescribing the wrong things and still dealing with bad gums. Right now I
    am doing the flossing and vit C, sea salt rinse. Are there a couple of
    products I can start with for economical purposes until I am able to buy

  10. Chris Henry says:

    So what is your take on using baking soda, peroxide, and water to get your
    teeth nice and white?

  11. Phil Moufarrege says:

    well when I block my nose I can taste everything exactly as usual!!

  12. Christian Sanchez says:

    Licorice root sticks for brushing teeth?

  13. Melissa S says:

    Super informative. Wow. Thank you Dr. Cassar. 

  14. Jason Calcanis says:

    Yeah but doesn’t garlic clean your blood and irritate parasites like
    cayenne? Why focus on being telepathic? 

  15. Diana Avina says:

    Thank you for the info!

  16. Andy Peterson says:


  17. sweetpapajazz says:

    Thanks Doc.

  18. Tea Time says:

    Hi. You mentioned purple onion being the only healthy. But what about
    shallot onions? Is only the purple shallot onion ealthy?
    Daniel Vitalis said in a video that shallots are the healthiest onions
    because they are the closest to wild onions. The least
    hybridized, so that’s why I ask. Would be interesting to hear your
    And how do the white onion, green onion and garlic damage the brain?
    Thank you for a good video.

  19. Mari Rodriguez says:

    Thank you Dr,Robert…Just discovered your channel and subscribed! I love
    this video and glad to see you’re messy ( Just like when I brush! :) ) I
    just cleaned my mouth… tongue and teeth and it feels so clean! Thanks
    again! I will continue my new routine! :) ) #supercleanmouth 

  20. Michael Hodges says:

    Doc you should do a “full day of eating” episode….Im sure everyone would
    LOVE to see that

  21. Christina Mancuso says:

    Another great video!

  22. Corey Donovan says:

    I have a plastic tongue scraper. Is it better to use a stainless steel one?
    Am I getting chemicles from the plastic?

  23. Carol Napolitano says:

    You look much better with short hair, so handsome.

  24. Kristiecab says:

    when using the tongue scrapper is it normal to have your tastebuds (what
    i’m assuming they are) bleed? Also is it normal to experience some pain?

  25. Kjetill Moberg says:

    Is it so that i shoud not eat garlic ????

  26. Sara J says:

    Just now watching this video and laughing to myself because I use optic
    white and love it! It literally is just amazing, and the mouthwash that
    goes along is by far the best yet in my opinion :) 

  27. allbeautifulthings〈3 says:

    is that considered beautiful? her skin is darker than her hair, she looks

  28. Natryla Silimon says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this i always wondered how to get my teeth
    white because they was never as white as can be and never white enough or
    white as i wanted but they would get white and two hours latera they well
    be whitish light yellow which sucks

  29. Blakely Barber says:

    It looks like under ur nails is red! Like a nice pair of LV’s! How did u
    do that?

  30. Harry Nelson says:


  31. stephanie santos says:

    you eyebrows are really dark and strong here but I like them 

  32. Sydney Matthews says:

    Baking soda and lemon juice mixed together to a pasty substance also works
    well to get a beautiful white smile but only use it once a month

  33. Channelle Cerio says:

    You look like Christina Aguilera like a lot!

  34. ecofriendlyhippie says:

    is this really all she uses? Just toothpaste? Her teeth are so white!

  35. Jenna Hawkins says:

    Did anyone notice that she said 2 song titles from One Direction?
    First one: Little Black Dress
    Second: Little Things
    Just to let y’all know:)

  36. littledelrey31 says:

    I like listening and looking at you talk ._.

  37. JAne Bye says:

    your hair is really flat

  38. Jessica Edgington says:

    Marylin Monroe!!!!

  39. Yasmeen S says:

    I’m going to try this toothpaste! 

  40. Alexa Virga says:

    Im envious

  41. Michelle Joseph says:

    you look like pia mia :) soo gorgeous 

  42. Alexa Virga says:

    wow! :) 

  43. courtneylouise xo says:

    you remind me of gwen Stefani on here (in a good way) xxxx

  44. Ry.com.au says:

    whitey white teeth from a cool beauty blogger

  45. ev c says:

    does she colourd her hair ?

  46. Bryn Nelson says:

    I have a question why do u do it eyebrows darker then your hair

  47. celebrityelisebeauty says:

    hi ♡ my name is celebrity & i’m a VERY new beauty guru! if you could just
    take a look at my channel or view my latest video or even subscribe. it
    would seriously make me so happy! xoxo, celebrity (:

  48. Summer Mitchell says:

    please check out my new channel! First makeup video ive ever made. Feedback
    welcome :)

  49. traptinwonderland says:

    I swear by that toothpaste! It’s amazing.

  50. Brittany B says:

    Lauren, it’s great that you incorporate a little bit of research with your
    passion for beauty. It’s great to challenge yourself by taking a different
    perspective on existing interests. :)

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