Super Special Thursday Giveaway: Canine Cool Hipster VIP Red Carpet Bag!

There are blogs that I like, and blogs that I love. There are blogs that I read and think, wow, this person is the bomb and I love what they are doing and I wish I had done some of that too. Those are rare. Joanne’s is one of them.

The Tiniest Tiger has been a voice for conservation for years. By drawing parallels between our feline friends in the foyer and the majestic cats on the prowl in the wild, Joanne brings home issues that are near and dear to my heart. And because she is smart and stylish as well as awesome, she has designed a really fantastic line of bags that are thoughtfully designed, cute (and I am a hard to please purse person), and, as you know if you’ve been following her blog, in the hands of lots and lots of animal loving celebrities after a second appearance at a major red carpet event- first the Oscars, then the Grammys. She has her act together.

Do you see the swag?

Do you see the BAG? She managed to get it so the dogs are part of the quilting. That is just awesome and I’ve already taken mine to my kids’ school, which was a bad idea because I had to fight off a room full of girls who all tried to rip it off my shoulder. Nice try, ladies. I took aikido for years.

Perhaps you would like one for yourself. You could wear it majestically, like HRH King Brody:

Dignified despite his yellow flower no-stink collar, which I love and refuse to take off him.

Or you could keep it for yourself, as I did. Either way, we have one Canine Cool Hipster to give away today in honor of this auspicious product launch. You’ll be stylin’ just like the VIPS on the red carpet, since your bag will come with all the same extras!

All you have to do in order to enter is leave a comment- perhaps a caption of what Brody is thinking, if you’re stuck for ideas and join the Rafflecopter giveaway. To make it easy on the shipping this one is US only. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

There are multiple sites giving these away, so feel free to enter them all!

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