Dental Health : How to Treat Pericoronitis

Pericoronitis can be treated by a dentist or at home with special care in getting rid of bacteria through brushing the teeth. Treat pericoronitis with tips from a licensed dental assistant…
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Canker sores come from stress and they can be treated by rinsing with hydrogen peroxide. Treat canker sores with tips from a licensed dental assistant in this free video series on dental health…

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50 Responses to Dental Health : How to Treat Pericoronitis

  1. Advection357 says:

    I think I have a pretty bad case of pericoronitis… got some chills and
    fever yesterday… can feel some pressure on my neck and near ears with
    mild pain. There is some swelling and it’s painful but not excruciating.
    Seems like the infection has spread… damnit. I might have to see a

  2. Prothagist says:

    i think i have this and it doesnt hurt as much, its just when I bite the
    gums ache :p i have braces also! plus is this like a serious problem or?

  3. Nathan Pickering says:

    Gonna wait it out…

  4. Havermeijer says:

    Diagnosed myself, my god does this shit hurt. Checked the medicine cabinet,
    found amoxicillin 500mg and Ibuprofen. If that doesn’t work I can throw in
    some metronidazole too. Who needs a dentist?

  5. Chaim Silverstein says:

    And one year later,I’m back at this video again.

  6. Frodo Baggins says:

    This thing hurts like a bitch, it’s so hard to eat, if this is what a
    toothache feels like, hope to god I don’t get it.

  7. rlyguys says:

    going to the dentist fuck it. this mother fucker is ripping these wisdom
    teeth out. I cant even open my mouth wide enough to eat a banana

  8. Wesley Daehling Daehling says:

    “go to your dentist.”
    I’m really sick of that answer. What the fuck do you do if you’re too poor
    and don’t even have a dentist….

  9. makeupbarbie19 says:

    Ive never experienced so much pain in my life. I cant eat or sleep. My
    right cheek is so sore :( im going to the dentist next week becahse o have
    graduation and birthdays this week. Omg this hurts so bad!

  10. makeupbarbie19 says:

    Ive never experienced so much pain in my life. I cant eat or sleep. My
    right cheek is so sore :( im going to the dentist next week becahse o have
    graduation and birthdays this week. Omg this hurts so bad!

  11. Natalie Lydia says:

    Oh my gawd!! I got this stupid thing on my bottom right jaw, ON VACATION…
    In a different country, so I couldn’t go to the dentist, it sucked-
    especially on the plane back chewing gum to try to make my ears not hurt.
    Ahh t(o.ot)

  12. Martyn Blackburn says:

    I have this right now. I have never experienced so much pain. I’ve had two
    catheters in, one through my stomach and another through penis; I’ve been
    stung by a blister beetle on my eyelid, and I’ve had a bick stand stuck
    through my leg. Nothing compares to this pain. Painkillers are useless,
    clove oil is useless, cold water relieves it but not for long. Terrible
    pain to have.

  13. Dutchie Mavitto says:

    0:56 “He may be able to prescribe something, such as rinsing your mouth out
    with warm salt water” lmao 

  14. The Titan Wolf says:

    I have it soo

  15. The Titan Wolf says:

    Is this serious????

  16. Fatimah Anjum says:

    I think I have this. I don’t have my wisdom teeth yet, but it’s sore and
    inflamed around my second molar on the right side of my lower jaw. The gums
    have swollen and are covering part of the tooth and it hurts to brush
    underneath the flap. It’s so painful!

  17. DeathMetalRegulator says:

    ive got this shit now,, fuck the dentist im just gonna wait it out,
    if im upright standing or siting there isnt all that much pain, but as soon
    as i lay down to sleep it hurts like hell!

  18. zjacobss says:

    Fuck my life, I can’t sleep, I can’t eat.

  19. Malfunctioned89 says:

    i have it right now, the most painful thing i have ever had, i had it for 4
    days, it seemed to clear up, so i though fair enough no need to go to the
    dentist, but yesterday it came back with a vengeance….

  20. Sahleem Henry says:

    I know this may sound disgusting but I take a pin and pierce the gum and
    push with my fingers all of the bacteria out and then gargle salt water and
    mouth wash take a pill. Swelling is gone pain is fading and it all goes
    away a lot faster than they say

  21. Cervy18 says:

    i’d continue with warm salt water rinses and take 3-4 advil every 4-6
    hours. that should definitely keep the swelling and thus the pain down. but
    if you have health insurance or can afford it, i would go to a dentist asap
    and get some antibiotics cause the advil and rinses won’t help with any

  22. Gurizin says:

    Like 99% of the sufferers ultimately have that unerupted wisdom tooth
    removed. the 1% are the lucky ones who solve the problem and no more
    infection. Usually the infection just keeps coming back as long as your
    wisdom tooth is still stuck halfway in the gum.

  23. Gurizin says:

    I’m so glad that this comment board has become like a place where we
    victims of pericoronitis can share our experiences and exchange tips!

  24. ROGERDERBY says:

    @79Dami corsodyl man

  25. ddandevil67 says:

    this is fucking awful

  26. mshottpriss lav says:

    Good stuff my mouth is hurting!

    Dental Health : How to Treat Canker Sores:

  27. Loll Alright says:

    Canker sores are the worst little faggots ever. 

  28. Richard Klovec says:

    Watching her made me forget all about my canker sore!

  29. mama tranks says:

    Put some Tabasco sauce on it & listen to yanni.

  30. Thecraftercat says:

    A Beatboxer’s worst nightmare

  31. Eric91531 says:

    My mothers a nurse and she told me to take zinc, folate and vitamin c
    tablets. After I took them for two days, they started to form a thin layer
    of new skin and it healed! I shit you not guys, TRY IT NOW DONT LISTEN TO

  32. Rayesean Cajot says:

    You can just put salt on the cotton bud Iand lay it on your canker sore

  33. Twin Glee says:

    Try a probiotic toothpaste with bacteriocin and take probiotic capsules. A
    lot less pain and much fewer recurrences. Worked for me.

  34. Michael Densing says:

    I’ve been using a lot of home remedies to remove this canker sore out of my
    tongue, i’ve been having this for about 8-10 weeks?.. Someone help? Please. :( 

  35. BaChooChooz says:

    They come from stress? Well that explains a lot…

  36. Kerim Grozny says:

    What can you suggest me about homemade treatment if there is?

  37. Alex says:

    Not sure if all this information is correct. Don’t you want to avoid
    alcohol (In Listerine) or any other irritating substances that can inhibit
    re-epithilialization of the canker sore. 

  38. spongeroby1 says:

    First be sure you have canker sores and not cold sores caused by herpes
    simplex I virus which you can get kissing someone with this sore.

  39. muhamat aliyev says:

    does not fucking work

  40. cody anderson says:

    I accidentally bit my tongue while eating those hot fries and 10-12 hours
    later I had a canker sore on my tongue I couldn’t eat a thing

  41. Exposed_TitanZ says:

    So much money being wasted. All you do is drink water and rinse with salt

  42. joshuaf7775 says:

    id hit that!

  43. kaylee styles says:

    I have one on my tounge 

  44. googlibrary says:

    silly person

  45. CampFlog Gnaw says:

    FUCK!!!IM about cutt my fuckin canker sore with some sizzors lol

  46. Lauren Peter says:

    Does this work for sores on the tongue?

  47. Liza Avila says:

    Going to a dentist for a canker sore? why we always have to go to a doctor
    for small stuff we are even told to consult a doctor before starting some
    sort of exercise modern times? Are ancestors had really bad injuries and
    bad diseases and they most of them made it through heir 80′s n 90′s without
    a damn doctor. America is addictive to medicine!

  48. Brownbuddy says:

    I have this nasty canker sore. It got very small but I bite myself just on
    the canker spot and now it is huge, painful, nasty followed by a sore
    throat ( but the sore throat is going away now) I will do this thing like
    right now.

  49. robertryan333 says:

    i get mine when i keep cutting my gums

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