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Don't wait 'till it's too late
Debbie Rosato of Canyon Country has had a lot of cats in her life, whether as a personal pet or a foster she was trying to find a forever home for. Beatie was one of her favorites. Rescued as a sickly kitten, Beatie grew up into a handsome, healthy
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Keep your pets healthy: clean their teeth
"Many people are not aware of how important good dental health is for their pet," Houston said. Periodontal disease is an infection between the tooth and gum, but the infection can spread elsewhere. She said pet owners should regularly check inside
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Pleasure Island Animal Hospital
They can provide you with all the necessary preventative medicines to keep you pet free of parasites like the dreaded heartworm and of course, fleas and ticks. Keep your pets' teeth happy and healthy as well. Oral hygiene isn't just for humans. Your
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