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DENIM // Bubby and Bean
1. The Jean Vest in Clear Blue, Madewell  //  2. NSF Painted Beck Jeans, Madewell  //  3. Denim Mini Skirt, Marc By Marc Jacobs  //  4. Collingdon Denim Lace-ups, Burberry  //  5. Denim Lyocell Jumpsuit, H&M  //  6. Rivet & Thread Snap Shirt, Madewell  //  7. Ripped Denim Shorts, Zara  // 8. Denim Clutch, Forever 21  //  9. MOTO Denim Tshirt Dress, Topshop   

Through the years, as trends wax and wane and fads flash by almost instantaneously, good old-fashioned denim remains in style – always. Somehow it rises above fashion’s fickle tastes and continues to be the queen of the closest, able to be paired with almost anything and still look chic. And this season is no exception – denim is everywhere, in all different forms and shades. So for this edition of Color Love (I know, it’s been a while), I’m focusing on my favorite denim pieces that I’ve come across lately – all in that classic indigo shade for which it’s known. I’ve especially got my eye on that killer denim vest.

Are you a denim lover like I am? Which pieces are your favorites?


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