View from the Street: Who's calling Alan Jones a greenie?

View from the Street: Who's calling Alan Jones a greenie?
Today in Weird Accusations. As you may recall, yesterday we reflected on the odd sight of broadcaster Alan Jones slamming the Campbell Newman government for breaking an alleged promise regarding mining in the Darling Downs region of Queensland.
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Take it from us in India: the world needs renewables, not more Australian
Carmichael's coal will be exported to India from Queensland. But India's clean energy industry is already booming – we don't need your coal. A labourer takes a break from shovelling coal at a coal yard on the outskirts of Jammu. Photograph: Mukesh
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Owners: Dog treats killed our pets
Greenies recommends owners check that the treats are chewed and Joe Roetheli – who launched the brand as a treat that can freshen a dog's breath and clean its teeth – said it was important to pick the correct chew for a particular dog. There are 7
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