Despite protests, Arctic drill rig preparations continue

Despite protests, Arctic drill rig preparations continue
Police stand guard inside a fence in front of Shell's Polar Pioneer drilling rig as protesters rally nearby, Monday, May 18, 2015 in Seattle. Demonstrators opposed to Arctic oil drilling were showing opposition to a lease agreement between Royal Dutch
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My California Water Is an Undiluted Bargain
The next time you read how the four-year drought has brought on California's current water crisis, consider how very low water prices speeded up the draining of reservoirs and aquifers. I live in a nice neighborhood for faculty adjacent to the
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A Match Made in Hell
Undeterred, we joined Paul [Westerberg], Tommy [Stinson], Bob [Stinson], and Chris [Mars] backstage and massacred a bottle of gin and about 100 "greenies" ('Mats-speak for bottled Heineken) while the local bands plied their trade onstage. When the …
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