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And after three months without an outfit post (the first trimester of pregnancy will do that to you), I’m back! This is actually a unique My Style post you guys, because my little lady came out for the adventure and got in front of the camera with me. We’ve never done an outfit post together, and although we both had all sorts of fun, it probably won’t be a regular thing. So that makes this post extra special.

I’ve already mentioned a couple of times here on the blog recently that I consider denim to be the quintessential back-to-school apparel item. And although neither Essley nor I are going back to school this fall, she will start preschool next fall (close enough, right?), so I thought it would be fun to ‘practice,’ and pay tribute to the ultimate piece of fashion for this time of year via a denim-themed photo shoot. Even if school isn’t a part of your autumn at all, there is just something classic about denim that makes it the season’s wardrobe staple. Fall denim forever. That’s my official August motto.

We actually did two rounds of outfits each featuring a favorite denim piece. For the first look, my focus piece was my absolute favorite jean jacket by Mudd. I love the lighter colored denim and distressed details, and the fit almost feels tailored. Essley wore an adorable denim button-down shirt by OshKosh B’Gosh that is the perfect weight – it’s a little lighter than a jean jacket, but heavier than a typical chambray shirt. It’s perfect for later summer and early fall. For the second look, I wore the one and only piece of maternity clothing I’ve been wearing this pregnancy, a pair of the cutest maternity jeans of all time (I’m not kidding) by Oh Baby by Motherhood. (I wish they made regular jeans because this is truly the best fitting pair of jeans I’ve ever owned.) Essley also wore a pair of jeans by Jumping Beans that is officially her first real pair of jeans, and not just jegging-type leggings. I know I’m biased, but man does she look cut in those babies. We nabbed all of these pieces from Kohl’s, which has a massive selection of fall denim for the entire family right now.

We had such a great time walking around in our favorite park and forest preserve, exploring and playing and just having fun. (And there is yet another great thing about denim – it pulls an outfit together in a snap, but it’s also really comfortable. You can’t beat that.) Despite the fact that I’m generally crying inside about summer’s end, part of me looks forward to slightly cooler weather when we’ll be able to wear our denim pieces on the regular. I’ll say it again, just for good measure: fall denim forever.

On Melissa – Denim Jacket: ℅ Kohl’s  //  Maternity Jeans: ℅ Kohl’s  //  Leggings: ℅ Kohl’s  // TShirt Tunic: H&M  //  Embroidered Tunic: F21  //  Hat: H&M  (similar)  //  Necklace: ℅ Jade Stone Jewelry  // Boots: ℅ Trask  //  Sandals: ℅ Trask  //  Watch: WatchCo
On Essley – Denim Shirt: ℅ Kohl’s  // Toddler Jeans: ℅ Kohl’s  // Tiger Dress: H&M Kids  //  Big Sis tshirt: gift // Moccasins: Freshly Picked  //  Sandals: Target  // Bracelet: mommy’s 

What are your favorite pieces of denim for autumn? If you or your little ones are getting ready to head to back, have you gotten any new denim pieces for the occasion?

This post is in collaboration with Kohl’s. Thank you for supporting Bubby and Bean by allowing me to post occasional sponsored content.


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