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Adani mine opponents funded by taxpayers
The group denies using the $ 50,000 it received from the State Government to pay for the legal action, but industry backers say it could have cost the state much-needed jobs. EDITORIAL: Don't let greenies kick up skink · BUNGLE: Mine approval overturned.
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Thoughts from Chairman Tom
Here's a thought; plants have been removing carbon from the atmosphere for over 2 BILLION years — the greenies thing this is a good thing, maybe not. Maybe so much carbon has been removed that it has so reduced the “green house effect” that ice ages …
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Bible in one hand, shovel in the other: Tony Abbott is for coal
On the face of it, the EPBC move – which faces a good chance of defeat in the Senate – looks like a straight attack on rabid greenies by a conservative government. It also, of course, is a cunning attempt to wedge Labor over jobs. "This is an issue for
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