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Natural health: Ingrown hairs
For clean white teeth and healthy gums, make sure that your cat has access to raw bones at least four days a week. Cooked bone is … with chewing it. Cats can be particularly fussy about new foods, so your pet may need a few weeks to get used to the idea.
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How to Naturally Improve the Dental Health of Your Dogs and Cats
It's National Pet Dental Health Month! To address the importance oral health care for pets, February is recognized as a reminder to raise awareness that pet health also includes the mouth: healthy gums, teeth, and fresh breath. When was the last time
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Keep your pets healthy: clean their teeth
Your pet's teeth should look white, without any brown or gray tinges. The gums should be pink, not red or white. There should be no sign of swelling or bleeding. A lump in the gum could be a tumor. Pet owners should also check for cysts under the
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