Fresh out of expertise

setter by alexander pope

I stopped writing about dogs.

It’s not because I have stopped loving them. I do.

I always will.

But I also have come to the conclusion that my level of expertise just isn’t doing them justice.

There is much we don’t know and cannot know.

To the extent that I have been wrong, I have failed.

I never got into team sports because it was always a constant chest-thumping one-upmanship that I found repulsive.

Spending time alone in the woods with dogs was the opposite of that sort of existence.

Little did I know that that world of dogs was gripped by the same sort competition. I just happened to be around dogs in a part of the world where no one cared about these things.

And the truth is I have been outdone by those with more resources. I’ve been outdone by those who were able to be tougher and nastier.

I’m not a nasty person.

All I’ve ever sought was more time to be alone in the woods with dogs, and if whatever I wrote here helped me to that end, then I’d write about it

It would help me recreate what I had once known and what I had yearned for.

I may write about dogs here again.

But it is going to be a while.

I think I’m fresh out of expertise.

But it may be confidence in myself.

Who knows?

It doesn’t really matter.

It all ends up in a kind of writer’s block anyway.



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