Record-Breaking El Nino a Sign of the Times?

Record-Breaking El Nino a Sign of the Times?
Again we have yet another Chicken Licken scare mongering tale. Why? We don't need it and our … This just more scary Chicken Licken, "the sky is falling on my head." rubbish. I thought they had … Worse, the so-called God-fearing Christians are
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Petsmart 2015 Black Friday Top Deals & Ad Printout
If you have a pet then you probably know that Petsmart is the best place to go for all your pet care needs, whether you are needing some new pet food or furniture, or even various toys and accessories for your pet. While Petsmart has a lot of great
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Shilling: Oil Can Go as Low as a Barrel
In this war, the chicken-out price isn't what's needed to meet budget requirements, which ranges between $ 40 a barrel in Kuwait and $ 125 a barrel in Venezuela. It isn't the cost of …. As much as the greenies hate oil, we desperately need it in the
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Renewable energy standards reconsidered as states question mandates, fret over
A half-dozen states have moved to scale back, freeze or eliminate their renewable energy standards in the past year, fueled by concerns over higher energy prices, the impact of the EPA's Clean Power Plan and the growing perception that it's … more >.
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