Take a Bite: CPK launches its 'Next Chapter'

Take a Bite: CPK launches its 'Next Chapter'
… worlds: baby kale, thin-sliced Bosc pears, roasted butternut squash, spiced pecans, goat cheese and cranberries for the greenies, and add-ons of, pictured, your choice of salmon, shrimp or chicken (below), for those with one foot still in the
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Vermont GlobalFoundries employees have weeks to decide to leave
High electricity and heating for homes. Low wages and no benefits. Taxes and Schools. Blackmail health premiums. The Dirtocrats and Regressives have done no favors to this state, and then there is the Politically correct, Trust funders, Greenies and
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Clinton Wants A 700 Percent Increase In Solar Power. Anyone Have 0 Billion?
There's also the effect that solar farms will have on wildlife; something that greenies also fuss about regarding the fight to save humanity from the non-threat of global warming. These farms have been documented to literally fry birds out of the sky.
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