Two lovers in the night

I finally got that coyote pair together on the trail camera. The bad news is that bitch has a bad injury to one of her front feet, perhaps the result of a trap injury. The good news is her mate is a big playful rascal, who is giving me the best coyote footage I’ve been able to get.

Here are the two videos:

I love coyotes, but they are the hardest animals to catch on trail camera. I knew they had been messing with the deer hide and skull that I’ve left out there all winter, so I set up the camera and waited.

The Moultrie 1100i camera doesn’t alert the coyotes at all.

If you want to get coyotes on a trail camera, you need to get one that makes very little noise and doesn’t have flashing lights. ┬áMost of the models that you can buy for taking photos of white-tailed deer– which really aren’t that cautious by comparison– will not work for coyotes.

Coyotes live by always being afraid, so I’m really amazed to get this footage of a pair of coyotes relaxing and being dogs.

Yes. They are so doggy.  These videos prove it.

I really hope the bitch is able to adjust to her disability, but the wild is not a friendly place. It actually makes me wince to watch her scooting along on three legs.

Poor old girl.


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