My Hearts

I’m just popping in today to share this picture I snapped of Robbie and Essley baking faux cupcakes in her play kitchen last week. I’ve mentioned several times here that he had to leave for the band’s busiest few months of the year when Emmett was just two weeks old. This was tough on all of us, but as exhausting as the last few months have been for me, and as much as Essley missed her daddy, it was the hardest of all on Robbie. Now that we’re in the midst of a slower couple of months for him work wise (he was home for a couple of weeks last month, and is for about two-thirds of June as well), he has been devoting every moment to quality time with the kids. It’s pretty heart melting to see the bond between them, enough so that I felt motivated to give this shout out today. I love my family guys. So much. They’re my hearts. And that’s pretty much all I have to say today. I’m feeling a little emo, I guess.

There will be no post tomorrow, so I’ll see you Monday. Have a great weekend, friends!

P.S. I’ve gotten so many questions about this play kitchen. This is the one we have. She loves it!


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