Moving Inspiration: Our House Hunting Reality

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It’s been a couple of months since our last post in the Moving Inspiration series. And while this may in part be due to the fact that, well, we’re sort of running out of rooms to feature, it’s also simply a result of my own personal frustration with the house hunting process. Our situation is unique because of Robbie’s and my jobs (he is gone half the year, and I work from home with two very young children). In other words, we don’t have the time to devote to a fixer upper, as amazing as that would be for my design-loving, DIY-brained self. But we also live in an area where newer homes that suit our needs in terms of size and space are out of our price range for the most part. While we could potentially move to an entirely different place, this is an area that we love, and after spending many many years living all over the country, it is a place I know I really want to stay to raise our children. Top that with the fact that we took several months off over the winter when I was having pregnancy related issues and then when we had a newborn, and it just feels like there’s been a lot of obstacles since we started this process almost a year ago. We’ve reached a point where we are still actively looking everyday, but have stopped stressing about finding something immediately. We do need to move sooner than later, especially as Emmett approaches an age where he’ll be walking (our current place just isn’t big enough for two little ones on the move). But we’ve had to sort of trust in the universe that something will eventually come along. Admittedly, this may not be the most realistic way to approach things, but it’s just where we are right now, and we’re trying to stay positive about it. (Because in the end, no matter what happens, there are way, way bigger things to worry about in the current state of the world than finding the right house to buy.)

All of this said, I feel like it’s important for me to stay inspired during this process, even if things aren’t going how we wish they were. So for today’s installment, rather than focusing on specific room designs I love as in the past (see here: dining rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, home offices/studios, bedroomsliving rooms, and kids’ rooms), I’m just sharing a good ol’ hodgepodge (pretty sure that is the first time I’ve ever used that word, but it fits) of spaces I’ve come across recently that I love and that keep me motivated to plan decorating our future home, when it finally transpires. I think you guys know my style pretty well by this point, so there’s no real need to break these spaces down. I love them all, for different reasons, but mainly because they just feel very “us.” I’m going to keep looking at them, and the other spaces featured in this series so far, and manifest the best house ever just magically appearing for us. Seems like a legit way to go about it, right?

I’ll keep you posted…


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