Spring Style Crushes

Spring Style Crushes (via Bubby and Bean
Image sources from top: 1. RVCA  // 2. Free People  //  3. FME Apparel  //  4. Free People  //
5. RVCA  //  6. UO  // 7. Madewell  //  8. Lucky Brand

It’s such a blogger cliche to obsess over seasons but you guys – spring is exactly one month away! One month! Winter is almost over! I’m much more drawn to spring and summer fashion than I am to fall and winter (which, while we’re on the topic of bloggers, is the opposite of most), so this is the time of year I really start getting excited about clothes. Give me a flowy mini dress over bare legs or a great jumpsuit with sandals and a messy salt water half bun and I’m in my style element.

I mentioned last week that I’ve been spending late nights looking on Pinterest for home inspiration for our move, but I’ve also been getting sucked into pinning to my style board. The looks you see above are some of my current favorites.

Who else gets more pumped about their wardrobe in the spring than in the fall? Tell me I’m not the only one…


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