10 Anti-Aging Beauty Hacks I Do Everyday

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10 Anti-Aging Beauty Hacks

I fully believe in the whole “you’re only as young as you feel” way of thinking, and thanks to the fact that I have little kids and a consistently busy schedule, and just enjoy staying active, I do, for the most part, feel young. But I’m also aware of the reality that I am quickly approaching middle age, and without putting in a little effort, I just don’t wake up looking like I’m in my 20s (or even 30s) anymore. And yes, I also believe that beauty is something found on the inside, but I’ll tell you what – when I feel beautiful and young on the outside, I feel more beautiful and young on the inside too. Taking care of my body and skin simply makes me feel good. So in an effort to feel good in a way that doesn’t take extra time or money that I don’t have, I have come up with some beauty hacks that (1) simplify the process of keeping my skin and body as youthful as possible and (2) are realistic to a busy working mother. And today, I’m excited to be teaming up with Bioelements and their new Age Activist® Clinical Youth Serum to share these tips and hacks with all of you!

10 Anti-Aging Beauty Hacks
10 Anti-Aging Beauty Hacks

1. I wear sunglasses. My biggest “problem area” in terms of visible aging is around my eyes. I have eczema that mainly affects my eyelids (so basically the worst place possible) and when it flares, my eyes wrinkles age me by a good ten years (for real). I also have naturally dry skin around my eyes which makes fine lines appear even worse. Popping on a pair of sunglasses with UV protection helps block out the sun (one of the biggest causes of wrinkles) and prevents me from squinting (which causes/worsens crows feet).

2. I drink a lot of water.  This is one of the easiest ways to help my body and skin feel and look young. I carry a reusable water bottle with me all day and consistently fill it up. Water flushes out toxins and keeps your skin hydrated and healthy.

3. I eat antioxidant rich foods. Foods that contain antioxidant compounds help fight against free radical damage, and that helps skin look younger.  I eat smoothie bowls full of antioxidant rich foods every single day for breakfast or lunch, and I carry an apple or some berries with me in my handbag everywhere I go.

10 Anti-Aging Beauty Hacks

4. I set up my bedroom for quality sleep. Okay, so I absolutely do not get enough sleep (young kids + work + husband who works on the road + a late night Netflix addiction = consistent lack of sleep), but I do make the effort to get quality sleep. My bedroom has black out curtains, a sound machine, a comfortable mattress (always worth the splurge) and a silk sleep mask for my eyes so I am assured as deep a sleep as possible. Getting quality sleep is one of the best things you can do to stay looking (and feeling) young.

5. I avoid straws. I used to use straws every single day for almost everything I drank, from iced coffee to water to cocktails. Then I learned that the “drinking from straws causes mouth wrinkles” rumor actually has some truth to it. I still use the occasional straw but for the most part, I avoid them.

6. I splash my eyes with cold water every morning. I wake up every single morning with puffy eyes, and man do they make me look old. One of the first things I do everyday is splash (very) cold water on each eye for at least thirty seconds. It really helps with depuffing, and helps you wake up too!

10 Anti-Aging Beauty Hacks

7. I take omega 3 fatty acid supplements. Omega 3 fatty acids have been shown to actually slow aging at the cellular level and are great for nourishing skin. I admittedly probably don’t get enough of them in my food, but I do pop a supplement everyday.

8. I use sunscreen. I almost didn’t list this one because I felt it was too obvious, but then, because it’s a good reminder, and because I knew it would make me hold myself accountable (because I admittedly forget this one more than I should), I decided to include it. I think it’s pretty self explanatory. The sun causes aging. Sunscreen helps protect from the sun. Enough said.

9. I apply a rosy colored blush. Yep. I read something once that said a rose shade of blush – one that matches the natural color your cheeks appear when flushed – can make you appear younger and healthier. And guess what? It works.

10 Anti-Aging Beauty Hacks
10 Anti-Aging Beauty Hacks

10. I streamline my skin care routine to one powerful product that really works to help with many signs of aging. I used to use several different products on my skin for my multiple concerns (fine lines, enlarged pores, dehydration, and overall dullness). They not only took way too much time, they also likely worked against each other. Then I was introduced to Bioelements Age Activist® Clinical Youth Serum, and it worked so quickly and so well that I got rid of everything else. Age Activist® Clinical Youth Serum is the best, you guys. It brings together clinical-strength retinol, peptides + phyto-tensors, Coenzyme Q10 + vitamin E with fermented pumpkin, watermelon, apple, and lentil to create immediate results that continue to get better and better with time. I told my husband that it’s my “all-in-one miracle cream” – I spend about 10 seconds twice a day putting it on my face and am constantly impressed by the improvements I continue to see in my skin the longer I use it. My skin feels smooth and hydrated and looks brighter and firmer, my pores looks smaller, and my lines and wrinkles have lessened. I also absolutely love how my sensitive skin feels zero irritation from it (thanks to to the ingredients’ micro encapsulation), and that there are no artificial scent or dyes. It is truly my favorite skincare product, and since it’s enabled me to simplify my skincare routine (after washing) down to one product, my #1 beauty/anti-aging hack as well.

10 Anti-Aging Beauty Hacks

Do you have any anti-aging hacks or tips you can share with me? Who else is a Bioelements fan?

Thank you for supporting the brands that help make Bubby and Bean possible. This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Bioelements Age Activist® Clinical Youth Serum.


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