What I’m Wearing Now: November

Casual Winter Wardrobe Essentials
1. Chevron Down Coat, Garnet Hill  //  2. Fan Tassel Earrings, Amazon (Only $ 7.99!)  //  3. Silver Hoop Earrings Set, H&M  //  4. Blush Oversized Scarf, H&M  //  5. Set of 3 Tassel Earrings, Revolia  //  6. Fine Knit Sweater in Gray, H&M (ON SALE!)  //  7. Loveland Wrap in Cargo Green, prAna  // 8Lily Tore Diaper Bag, Newlie   //  9. Chuck Taylor All Star Low Tops, Converse  //  10.  Beaded Chain Bracelet, Madewell  //  11. Classic Short Boots in Chestnut, Ugg  //   12. Skinny Low Jeans in Black, H&M 

Well guys, it’s full on winter here in Chicagoland. There might not be snow on the ground, but it’s brutally cold. And that means that it’s official my least favorite season for getting dressed. I mean, I can appreciate a good layered look, but a winter coat, blanket scarf, hat and gloves over a sweater over a thermal shirt, jeans, socks, and boots is a little excessive for me.

That said, I’ve been making the best of the season of excess layers and getting lots of use out of my trusty UGG Boots, favorite jeans, and a winter jacket that is, in my opinion, as cute as it is warm. Sweaters have been on major rotation, which is actually really unusual for me as I’ve never really been a sweater person. And I’ve actually had a couple of occasions to wear the amazingly affordable bell-sleeve Nordstrom dress I raved about last time, which makes me happy because I’m admittedly a little obsessed with it, even though it’s not my typical style. I’ve also been feeling the tassel earrings once again. (I mean, how about this fan pair for less than $ 8?!)

I can’t complain too much about having to bundle up right now – we leave in two days to go to the Dominican Republic. That means I’ll get to pull out all of my sweet summer favorites and wear them for a solid week in the middle of this frigid winter madness. I’m so stoked.

What have you been wearing this month?

(P.S. You can see other my other monthly What I’m Wearing Now posts from the past couple of years right here.)


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