Spring Home Decor Refresh (All Under $25!)

A Spring Home Decor Refresh : All Under $  25!
1. Round Metal Wire Basket ($ 17.99)  |  2. Gold Mirror with Fringe ($ 24.99)  |  3. Metal Bookend ($ 17.99)  |  4. Cotton Storage Basket ($ 24.99)  |  5. Canvas Cushion Cover ($ 5.99)  |  6. Stoneware Plant Pot ($ 19.99)  |  7. Bergamot Scented Candle ($ 12.99)  |  8. Leaf Print Tablecloth ($ 24.99)  |  9. Daisy Linen Blend Table Runner ($ 17.99)  | 10.  Marble Candlestick ($ 24.99) 

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about our recent family room redesign. And while it’s only been finished for a couple of months and we’re still basking in it, it’s made me realize how much the majority of the other spaces in our home could use a sprucing up too. Aside from the big (like, very big) remodeling project we know we need to get to but have been avoiding (oh hey, kitchen), along with the upstairs bathrooms, there isn’t any thing major (other than some areas like our weird yellow hallways) that needs to be changed. But a few pieces of pretty decor can really change the look of a room, and I’ve got the pieces above on my mind. They’re all really lovely, and affordable too; every piece is under $ 25.

Anybody else feeling the need for some simple refreshes with springtime around the corner?


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