9 Perfect Throw Blankets for Autumn

9 Perfect Throw Blankets for Autumn
1. BouclĂ© Throw ($ 17.99)   |    2. Dark Beige Wool Blend Throw ($ 49.99)   |   3. Jacquard Wood Blend Throw ($ 59.99)   |   4.  Faux Fur Throw ($ 79.99)  |   5.  Textured Knit Throw ($ 79.99)   |   6. Beige and White Soft Throw ($ 34.99)  |   7.  Dark Grey Melange Wool Blend Throw ($ 49.99)   |   8. Chenille Throw ($ 49.99)   |   9. Fleece Throw with Fringe ($ 29.99)

It is 75 degrees as I’m typing this, but I am well aware that the inevitable cold Chicago weather is waiting, all sinister and sneaky, to jump upon us sooner than later. It’s funny, because I come from a family of cozy types (my mom is hygge personified), but snuggling up on the couch with a crackling fire in the fire place and snow falling outside makes me feel a panicked sense of flight where I just want to run full force to the tropics. There is, however, one exception to this, and that’s blankets. It can be mid-July and if I’m watching a movie or reading, I need a freaking throw blanket on me, and immediately. So whether you’re a weird, nonlogical blanket lover like me, or you love some good old fashion autumn coziness, I hope these pretty throw blankets I’m sharing today strike you fancy. I just ordered #2, but I’m eyeing #3 too.


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