9 Girls’ Sundresses Under $10

9 Girls' Sundresses Under $  10
1. Black Floral Girls Sundress, $ 4.99   |   2. Blue & White Striped Jersey Dress, $ 7.99   |   3.  Yellow Floral Dress, $ 4.99   |   4. Cherry Dress, $ 4.99   |   5. Unicorn Print Girls Sundress, $ 4.99   |   6. Pink Seersucker Dress, $ 9.99   |   7. Navy Jersey Heart Dress, $ 4.99   |   8. Cotton Bouquet Dress, $ 9.99   |   9. Dark Blue Floral Print Girls Sundress, $ 4.99 

Summer may still be far, far away here in Chicagoland, but that isn’t stopping me from starting to shop for sunny weather clothes. I mean, if I stop buying winter pieces, winter will be over faster, right? Isn’t that how it works? Regardless, spring is just a few weeks away, so I think I’m definitely justified in looking ahead to warmer days.

One of my favorite warm weather pieces to buy is the little girl’s sundress. My 6 year old probably has way too many of them already due to my affinity for them (she already has #5 and #9 from above), but you can’t beat a cute cotton number like these above that they can happily play in for less than $ 10.

Now if they only made #2 in my size…


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