Owl Avocado Toast

Owl Avocado Toast

I am admittedly not one of those amazing Pinterest parents who whips up exciting Bento box lunches in the shapes of animals on the daily. Not at all. But every now and then, I feel inspired to take my kids’ lunches or snacks up a notch, and well, this was one of those days.
This is actually a really healthy lunch or breakfast that includes hardboiled eggs, avocado, strawberries, carrots, and whole grain bread. Both of my kids also thing it is fun enough to make it delicious, which works for me.
Owl Avocado Toast
Owl Avocado Toast
Serves 2
2 slices whole grain (or gluten free) bread
1 avocado, ripe
1 hardboiled egg
1-2 strawberries
carrot (just need a couple of slivers)
Toast bread. While bread is toasting, mash avocado. Slice hardboiled for the eyes and wings, as shown in photos. Slice strawberries for ears. Slice a sliver of carrot for the beak. 
(We also decided to get creative and add some macaroni for the feathers, but there was no way this lady was going to cook a pot of macaroni just for this, so raw it was. Please remove raw noodles before eating, unless you want to chip a tooth.)
Owl Avocado Toast
And that’s it! Fun and best of all, fast and easy.

Bubby and Bean ::: Living Creatively

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