Thank You, Happy Holidays, and See You Next Year!

Happy Holidays from Bubby and Bean!

What a year. I mean, where do I even begin? I think I’ll just keep it short and sweet and say Happy Holidays, and thank you. Thank you for being here, engaging, and allowing me to share pieces of my life along with products and services I love. I know there has been a lot of sponsored content here and on Instagram over the past two months. Since mid October, I have been working 80 hour weeks. My husband has been out of work since the live music industry shut down in March, and I am grateful beyond words for the campaigns I have gotten and the ability to support our little family. I am also extremely burned out and exhausted, and looking forward to spending the next week and half with my husband and kids (who have been asking a lot why mommy has to work so much).
I’ll be back here after the New Year, and because I just don’t know how to completely turn off, I’m sure I’ll be popping in on Instagram
However you celebrate (or don’t celebrate!), I wish you the happiest of holidays and a New Year that is better than whatever this crap just was. Love and peace!

Bubby and Bean ::: Living Creatively

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