Plant-Based Caprese Salad

Tofu Caprese Salad
Our little summer container garden doesn’t produce much, but it does produce some mean tomatoes and basil. And I’m grateful for that, because caprese salad is one of my absolute favorite summer dishes. Last summer, we tried making a fully plant-based version and replacing the cheese with tofu. It was delicious! I made it again the other day and wanted to re-share this yummy summer recipe.
Tofu Caprese Salad

SERVES:4 | PREP TIME: 10 min | COOK TIME: 0 min

1 pkg. tofu (firm or medium firm)  
3 large tomatoes
12-16 fresh basil leaves
Olive oil
Balsamic dressing (optional)
Salt and pepper, to taste

Slice tofu into equal sized pieces, about 1/3-1/2 inch thick.  Slice tomatoes into 1/3 inch rounds. On a serving plate, alternate tomato and tofu slices. Drizzle olive oil on top of tomato and tofu slices. Top with basil leaves. Add salt and pepper, and, if desired, a few drops of balsamic dressing.

Tofu Caprese Salad
Tofu Caprese Salad

I hope you love this plant-based Caprese salad as much as we do. It’s full of protein and perfectly refreshing in the summer months.  


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