(July 13, 2010) I noticed that there is a lot of discussion about how hazardous greenies are on this video. I’d like to state that I haven’t given my dog one since 2007 because he started throwing them up and he lost a lot of fur probably due to an allergic reaction over the span of time I’ve given him these treats and/or other treats (hence, his balding butt in this vid.) He’s healthy now and we’ve changed up what’s in his diet since then to something that is more suitable for him. I’m not endorsing the product, I posted this particular video to show you how my dog reacts to things he likes. He does the same with toys, cookies and food in general. Please do your research and decide what is healthy for your dog. That’s really what it comes down to.
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The Goodies are annoyed when they discover that the Army is building a military establishment on what had been supposed to be a children’s playground. Disguised as members of the military, they provide the plans to the soldiers who are to build the equipment. The Goodies “assist” the Army and their plans lead to the Army ‘equipment’ looking more like a children’s playground than the sleek military equipment the Army is expecting. Then the Army gets another shock — the people who the Goodies had arranged to turn up to test the equipment, are not exactly what the Army had been expecting to see.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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26 Responses to Greenie!

  1. Meemse says:

    Oops I ment to say that in 2004 I had to give that same dog away

  2. Meemse says:

    I had to give

  3. Meemse says:

    Only thing she really says is greenie

  4. susaeliu says:

    I live in Los Angeles, but thank you so much for you reply. I got in touch with a breeder who’s part of the American Pomeranian Club. Not a pom from a pet shop :)

  5. pooti says:

    I got him from a breeder near Niagara. Do you live anywhere near there? If you do I can pm you the breeder’s info but I’m not sure if she is there or breeding anymore.

  6. susaeliu says:

    May I please please ask which breeder you recommended where you got Cider? It is difficult to find a pomeranian as handsome as Cider and I try to avoid pet shops.

  7. FurryPawFriends says:

    yeah! greenies

  8. Sierra Rose says:

    hahahah!!!!! thats awsome and so true! my Pomeranian just loves greenies, and i have a video of her, check it out! :D

  9. MythanhThiLe says:

    Sooo Cute x3

  10. Phillowownz says:

    That dog is so cute! I love watching dogs getting excited over treats! LOVE IT!

  11. amishdonkey1 says:

    are they treats or like chew toy things

  12. Laura Bresemann says:

    cute :D

  13. MrTylerbishop says:

    this video has 44 thousand views..? wow.

  14. wass9009 says:

    so cute dog =D

  15. webkinzpinkydoodle99 says:

    GREENIE!! haha

  16. SavannahYS says:

    :O lucky! My pom wont eat those… and his breath is really bad… :/

  17. starfaery says:

    They’re like little puppies, never growing old.

  18. LynzieLou2 says:

    Since “Greenies’ were purchased by Mars Inc. they have been reformulated and break down better than before.
    Anything in your home and yard can be a hazard, just keep an eye on your pet and do the best you can.
    My guys & gals (dogs & cats) get greenies treats everyday, and do not have any problems. Check out their web site for more info & possibly a coupon.

  19. susaeliu says:

    Hi! I love your dog! Do you remember where you got him from? I’m looking for a reputable breeder :) Thanks!

  20. sportsgurl16 says:

    omg this is toooo cute, i could watch this a gazllion times and the cuteness will never stop!!

  21. GhostHunter1986 says:

    well the thing with the greenies is your supposed to brake them up. i’m sorry about your presious pom. i always brake my greenes up before i give them to my girl. maybe you should check your self to a support group. if you want i can help you find one???

  22. icexdragon says:

    0:20 ~ 0:21 was hilarious

  23. HiverCru says:

    My dogs go the same with treats or when we tell them will go out for a walk XD

  24. AkaneMerodi says:

    SO ADORABLE X3 I love the faces he does, specially at the end xD

  25. trackmaniakid27 says:

    Never give a greenie to any dog, because if you do, they die, and blame it on you.

  26. HeAlether24 says:

    have no fear, tey lost an atomic bomb there
    so what
    they haven’t found it

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