Angie's List Report: Pet Dental Care

pet oral care

Image by me and the sysop
this is one of my kittypoops, razmatazz, a.k.a. raz, razzypoo, and razmatizzle. she’s pretty old and used to be a stray, so she doesn’t get around well these days. i’m not familiar with taking care of older pets, so i’m trying to do my best and learn. beans and tima are so damn self-sufficient i don’t know why i’m even around.

i took her to the vet today because her claws were way out of control and growing into some of her paw pads. because she’s not flexible, she can’t sufficiently bathe herself, either. my vet, a crazy old dude, trimmed her nails and used a furminator on her to remove the badly matted areas on her shoulder blades and hips. i thought i was going to have to get her shaved, and i was dreading it. after a few minutes with that thing, though, they’re all gone. granted there are balding areas where the mattes came from, but they’ll grow back in.

i bought some oral drops with omega 3 for her super seborrheic dermatitis (otherwise known as the worst dry, flaking skin you’ve ever seen). baths are out of the question because she gets violent, but i do have some spray-on shampoo/conditioner i can use.

i also bought the mighty furminator and was able to get the two little matted areas on tima’s hips! i still can’t imagine why they would be there, but at least now they’re gone. huzzah for groomed kitties! i can’t wait to go to town and get rid of beans and tima’s ridiculous excess fur.

5/29/08 23:32

Angie's List Report: Pet Dental Care
(WDEF) Too many pet lovers forget that animals require great oral care, too. Every pet builds up plague and gingivitis at different rates. Left untreated, it can cause problems. Vet Dr. Matthew Lemmons said, "If pets develop painful dental conditions
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Dental care for pets
If your pets breath could knock you out of your shoes, it's probably time for the veterinarian to take a look inside his mouth. Too many pet lovers forget that animals require great oral care, too. Every pet builds up plague and gingivitis at different
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Saskatoon Pet Dental Care Important for Pet Wellness
SASKATOON, Saskatchewan, May 19, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Westward Animal Hospital in Saskatoon is educating pet owners about the importance of pet dental care for pet wellness. According to Dr. Cairo Parker, dental care helps to reduce the risk
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